Soba-Making Lessons in Nagano

Make your own delicious soba in Nagano!


Soba noodles can be eaten throughout Japan but they are especially famous in Nagano. With abundant buckwheat and fresh water from the mountains, Nagano’s artisans make simple yet incredibly aromatic soba. After a plate or two or three, you find yourself hooked on this deceptively delicious dish.

And while it’s not necessarily true that the soba you make yourself is more delicious—let’s be honest, our crudely cut soba noodles pale in comparison to a soba master’s—the experience is a whole lot of fun and makes for a great memory. There are a number of places throughout the prefecture where you can try making soba for yourself and learn to appreciate soba made by the professionals.

1. Togakushi Soba Museum "Tonkururin"

Togakushi’s soba fields in early September

Togakushi is a village located on the plateau above Nagano City at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. Buckwheat thrives in the highland climate and quickly became a staple of the people who lived here. In early September, you can see fields of white buckwheat flower blossoms blooming at the base of Mt. Togakushi. Amidst this quiet, spiritual landscape is Soba Museum Tonkururin where you can make soba noodles for yourself!

A soba-making lesson at Soba Museum Tonkururin

You can choose between two batch sizes, one for up to 2 people (4,500 yen per batch) or another for up to 4 people (7,000 yen per batch). Reservations can be made by email (

See here for details.

2. Hachinoko in Kitashiga Kogen (Yamanouchi)

Soba fields near Mt. Kosha in early autumn

The Kitashigakogen area is nestled between Yamanouchi, Shigakogen and Mt. Kosha, and is home to a number of ski resorts including Ryuoo Ski Park, Komaruyama and X-JAM Takai Fuji.

It is also home to a unique style of soba called “Sugakawa Soba,” which is made with buckwheat, water, and fibers from the oyama bokuchi plant. The resulting noodles have a rich buckwheat aroma and al-dente bite. At the Hachinoko lodge, you can try making this special soba yourself!

Sugakawa soba has a firm bite thanks to the oyama bokuchi plant fibers kneaded into the dough.

Soba-making lessons take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Please contact the Yamanouchi Tourism Association for details and reservations.


Contact: Yamanouchi Tourism Association
Reservations: Necessary
Address: 11017 Yomase, Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Pref. 381-0405
Access: 20 min. by car/taxi from Yudanaka Station

3. Soba Takagi in Matsumoto

Enjoy one of Nagano’s best sights and follow up with a soba-making lesson!

If you’re visiting Matsumoto Castle, stop by Soba Takagi for a soba-making class! It’s a great activity followed by a filling meal, just minutes away from one of Nagano’s sightseeing gems.

Soba-making lessons are 3,500 yen per batch (for up to three people). A minimum of two batches are required for a lesson. Please make reservations at least one week in advance. See details here.

Soba-making at Soba Takagi

4. Miharashi Farm in Ina City

Students learn to knead buckwheat flour at Miharashi Farm’s soba-making workshop.

The Ina area in Southern Nagano is another famous soba-producing region, so much so that for a long time an Ina wife was considered to be only as good as her soba. That is no longer the case, and locals and tourists alike could use a refresher in how to knead and cut delicious soba noodles.

Miharashi Farm in the Minowa area of Ina City offers just that, and much more. With apple, blueberry, and grape orchards as well as numerous workshops and cooking lessons, this farm is a great place to polish your cooking skills with the freshest ingredients.

Soba lessons are available for 5,200 to 5,400 yen (for one to four people). Lessons are one and a half hours starting at 10:00 or 13:00. Contact them for reservations at least three days in advance. See more details here.