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15 of the Best Places to Visit in Nagano

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Enjoy Nagano's wild natural scenery at its many national parks, historical sites and hot springs.


Warm Up with Hot Springs


The Six Regions of Nagano

Climb the Japanese Alps, Soak in an Onsen, Frolic with the Snow Monkeys, Slurp Soba Noodles, Timewarp to the Feudal Past, Schuss through Powder Snow.
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  • Northen Nagano Area

    Northen Nagano Area

    With centuries-old Zenkoji Temple and its surrounds in Nagano City, the samurai residences in Matsushiro, and the chestnut village of Obuse, Northern Nagano has many popular historic and traditional townscapes.

  • Matsumoto Northern Alps Area

    Matsumoto Northern Alps Area

    Omachi, the gateway to mountain climbing and the Kurobe Alpen Route as well as world-famous Hakuba ski resort. Matsumoto, a classic castle town with springwater welling up throughout.

  • Eastern Nagano Area

    Eastern Nagano Area

    Today the area is a convenient 1 hour from Tokyo by the Nagano Shinkansen bullet train. It was well-located during feudal times, too, situated as it was on the crossroads of the Kyoto-to-Edo Nakasendo and the Hokkoku road to the Sea of Japan.

  • Suwa Area

    Suwa Area

    Known as the Swiss of the Orient, the Suwa area is home to many watchmakers and other precision manufacturers.

  • Kiso River Valley Area

    Kiso River Valley Area

    The post towns of the Nakasendo stretch from north to south along the “Kiso-ji” road. There are several designated Historical Areas that convey a sense of history from the Edo era.

  • Southern Nagano Area

    Southern Nagano Area

    The Ina River Valley is famous for the cherry blossoms in Takato, the 2600 meter Senjojiki curl and the Komagatake Ropeway (which has the largest elevation gain in Japan).