Togakushi Soba Museum "Tonkururin"


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The area of Togakushi is famous for its delicious soba noodles and the scenery of its vast soba fields at the base of its eponymous mountain. So it's only natural that Togakushi would have its very own museum dedicated to soba and its history.

At the Togakushi Soba Museum, you can learn about how soba has evolved over the centuries through its soba exhibits or through a soba-making lesson with the museum's expert noodle makers.

Located between Nagano City and the Togakushi Okusha Shrine on the Togakushi bus line, its a great stop for lunch on the way to or back from Togakushi.

Location 3018 Togakushi, Nagano-shi, Nagano-ken 380-4101 Map
TEL 026-254-3773
FAX 026-254-3779
Business hours Early April to late November
Holiday Wednesdays
For reservations Not necessary but recommended. Email for reservation inquiries.
Soba-making lessons 1-2 Person set: 2,600 yen + 250 yen per person
3-4 Person set: 3,300 yen + 250 yen per person
Soba Exhibit 200 yen per person

Access and Parking


By Train/Bus:
From Nagano Station, take the Togakushi Line bus to the Soba Museum bus stop (59 min.).

By Car:
26 kilometers/50 minutes from the Suzaka Nagano Higashi IC exit of the Joshinetsu Expressway.

24 kilometers/40 minutes from the Shinanomachi IC exit of the Joshinetsu Expressway.

Parking 80 cars, 10 buses

Barrier-free Information

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Shinshu Soba

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