Snow Monkey 1-Day Pass

Nagano Dentetsu offers this convenient pass for visitors to the Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park. The pass covers transportation between Nagano Station and Kanbayashi (the trailhead to the park) as well as park admission. Pass users are encouraged to explore some of the places along the way, such as classic Yudanaka-Shibu Hot Springs, quaint Obuse Town, and Suzaka City’s historical storehouse district.

2-Day Free Passport Kamikochi/Norikura/Matsumoto

Offered by Alpico, this reasonable pass offers unlimited travel on Alpico trains and select bus lines in Matsumoto City, covering such major destinations from the Northern Japan Alps (incl. Kamikochi, Norikura and Shirahone Hot Springs) in the west to Utsukushigahara Highlands in the east. Central Matsumoto including Asama Hot Springs and Utsukushigaraha Hot Springs as well as the popular Town Sneaker bus. For an example of a trip using the 4-day pass, see here.

Zenkoji-Matsushiro 1-Day Pass

This pass connects Nagano Station with Zenkoji Temple (Bus #10 “Binzuru-go”, others) and the samurai sites of Kawanakajima (battle memorial) and Matsushiro (castle remains and samurai houses) (Bus #30). Includes discounts to several sites.

Three-Star Route Option Ticket

The Three-Star Route Option Ticket is offered by JR and covers one-way bus travel between Matsumoto and Kanazawa/Shin-Takaoka/Toyama (valid for seven days). As the name implies, this route runs along many of central Japan’s most popular sightseeing areas, including Matsumoto Castle, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa. See the link below for details.

Shinano Railway Banzai Pass

The Shinano Railway Banzai Pass is a 2-day unlimited ride pass along the Shinano Railway line. The pass covers travel along the Shinano Railway between Karuizawa and Shinonoi, as well as between Nagano and Myoko Kogen. Popular stops along the way include Ueda (Ueda Castle & Bessho Onsen), Togura (Togura Kamiyama Onsen), and Kurohime (Lake Nojiri, Kurohime Kogen). See this article for an example of a trip using the Banzai Pass.