Busses to Zenkoji Temple from Nagano Station

There are 2 convenient bus routes from Nagano Station to Zenkoji Temple. The Nagano City Circular Bus “Gururin-go” makes a figure-8 loop through central Nagano City, running every 15 minutes. Retro #10 “Binzuru-go” busses also run every 15 minutes and run straight up Chuo-Dori directly to Zenkoji.

Matsumoto City Bus “Town Sneaker”

Cute busses (including a polka-dot one inspired by hometown artist Kusama Yayoi) run 4 circular routes through the heart of downtown Matsumoto.
150-200 yen per ride, two to three buses per hour.
Popular stops include Matsumoto Castle (North Route) the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum (West Route), Nawate (Frog) Street (North Route), Nakamachi Street (East Route), Matsumoto City Museum of Art (East Route), Former Kaichi School (North Route).