Matsushiro Samurai School



The Matsushiro Samurai School was built in 1853 by Sanada Yukinori, the 9th leader of the Matsushiro Clan.
The Sanada family placed great importance in educating the samurai and their children, in both literary (reading, writing and arithmetic) and military (martial arts, tactics, etc.), leading to the creation of this school.
After being disbanded during the Meiji Restoration, the facilities were used as the Matsushiro Elementary School. Designated a National Historical Site in 1953, it is the only such school in the country that retains its original structures. The school is connected with Sakuma Zozan, the late Edo-era inventor and scholar.

The Matsushiro Samurai School is currently undergoing construction and will be closed until July of 2020.

Location 205-1, Matsushiro, Nagano City Map
TEL 026-278-2308
FAX 026-278-6503
Business hours 9:00 - 16:30
Usage fee Adults : 200 yen JHS and ES : 80 yen
Date(s) Close around the New Year’s Day

Access and Parking


By Train:30 min Matsushiro line bus from Nagano Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen) -> a 5 min. walk
By Car:2 km / 5 min from Nagano IC


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