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Although Hakuba is famous as a world class ski resort, it is also one of Japan’s most well-known hiking destinations. No matter what your skill level or travel schedule may be, there are many ways to get in some hiking in the area, from rigorous trekking courses for more experienced folk, to light hiking that includes gondola rides to the beautiful Happo Pond and other scenic spots up in the Japan Alps.

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TEL 0261-72-6900
Mail booking@hakuba1.com
URL https://www.hakuba1.com/english/
Jam buka Hakuba Sanroku: Jun 15 - Oct 15 | Evergreen: Apr - Nov
Usage fee Hakuba Sanroku - Group Tour : 12,500 yen / Hakuba Sanroku - Private Tour : 17,000 yen / Evergreen - Half-day Tour (1-3 people) : 16,500 yen / Evergreen - Full-day Tour (1-3 people) : 31,500 yen

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