Tsumago Feudal Procession


To commemorate the successful preservation of the post town’s historical buildings, Tsumago-juku initiated this annual procession of people dressed in feudal-era costumes. Samurai, porters, monks, horsemen, over 130 people make for a photographer’s delight with Tsumago’s rows of old wooden houses as a backdrop. The highlight is the bride on horseback with her train of assistants. The procession starts at Watashima District at 10:30am stopping at Tsumago-juku for lunch before continuing on to O-Tsumago.

Location From Watashima General Field to O-Tsumago, Nagiso Town MAP
TEL 0264-57-3123
FAX 0264-57-4036
Mail info@tumago.jp
Business hours From 10:30 am
Date(s) November 23rd

Access and Parking


By Train:7 min bus ride from Nagiso Station (JR Chuo Line) -> walk 10 minutes
By Car:40 min from Nakatsugawa IC
105 min from Shiojiri IC



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