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Tobira Onsen Myojinkan was established in 1931 as a small family-owned ryokan deep in the mountains.

The area surrounding the ryokan was designated as the Quasi-National Park in 1964, so from this time on it was not allowed to build any other buildings.

The main feature of Myojinkan is that it is the only one facility in the Quasi-National Park. Here it is possible to feel the pink noise of Tobira forest and phytoncide, which is exuded by trees. The vitality of this forest gives guests the best relaxation.

Since the foundation, the chefs of Myojinkan have been using locally grown ingredients, including those grown on our own farm, in the belief that food which is sourced and consumed locally is the best for your health and best for the planet. We use Shinshu ingredients to support local farmers. The unused vegetables are returned to the field as compost, from which new harvest emerges.

Myojinkan offers 2 restaurants. One of them is the French restaurant "SAI", where the dishes are prepared with Japanese ingredients. The other restaurant is the Japanese restaurant "Tobira", where the dishes are seasonal ingredients, locally produced. You will find that each dish is not only delicious, but good for your health too. For breakfast, you can choose from Japanese-style or Western-style.

The room fund includes 43 rooms and suites with a great view of the mountain or river landscape. Myojinkan offer different categories of rooms: from 59 ㎡ standard room to 160 ㎡room with private terrace. Also, the room fund includes 12 rooms offered with a private open or semi-open hot spring. But you can also enjoy the hot springs water even in the unit bath in each room.

Location 8967 Iriyamabe, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan 390-0222 Map
TEL +81 263-31-2301
FAX +81 263-31-2345
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