Nagoya to Shinano-Omachi Station by JR 可以及如何購買指定席嗎?

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WATT 女 香港 2018/05/02

Nagoya station to Shinano-Omachi Station by JR can we purchase on line and which web site to buy the Tickets.  Please reply

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/05/02

Hi there,

Thanks for your question to Go! Nagano.

The Wide View Shinano train from Nagoya Station to Matsumoto Station and the Oito line train from Matsumoto Station to Shinano-Omachi Station cannot be reserved online. Reserved seats for the Wide View Shinano can be reserved up to one month in advance through travel agencies or JR ticket windows. The Oito line train only has free seating.

If you would like to ask any other questions in English, please see the forum on the Go! Nagano English website. Otherwise, your question may take longer to process.

I hope that answers your question.



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