Regarding Use of Official Photos

Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association provides photographs (digital data) from our archive for the purpose of promoting Nagano tourism. By downloading pictures from this website, you agree to the “Terms of Use” below. Downloading from this page is only allowed for people residing outside of Japan.

Terms of Use


Use of pictures from the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association’s archives is limited to the promotion of Nagano tourism.

Downloading Pictures

Users who are in full agreement with these Terms of Use may download pictures using the internet.

Use of Pictures

  1. The rights specified in these terms may not be transferred to a third party, nor may the pictures be further distributed or transmitted.
  2. Unauthorized reproduction, resizing, color changing or other altering of the pictures is not allowed.
  3. When using these pictures, you are required to specify credit (Picture Provided by the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association).
  4. We require a sample of the finished material in which a picture was used to be submitted to the Tourism Association.
  5. Any portrait rights, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, usage rights and other rights for the people, places or objects used as subjects for the pictures must be attained directly from the proper owner(s). The Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association shall be held liable for any disputes arising from said rights.

Breach of Contract

If the Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association finds that a user fails to abide by these terms, we will require the immediate return of the pictures used.