Guidelines of Submitting Photos

When Submitting Photos

  • Photo copyrights will remain with the contributor. However, Nagano Prefecture and the Nagano Tourism Association retain the right of usage.
  • The right of usage includes usage for this website, for
    Prefectural pamphlets, and for use in the photo library of this website, as well as use by third parties for the purpose of promoting Nagano Prefecture tourism.
  • Submitted photos will be verified by the prefecture before being posted. Due to holidays and such, please understand that the process may take some time.
  • Submitted photos deemed to be immoral, offensive, or to be irrelevant to the website will be deleted at the prefecture’s discretion.
  • When submitting pictures that portray a person, be sure to get the person’s approval and confirm the picture does not infringe upon the person’s privacy. This website shall not be held responsible for infringements upon the privacy of persons pictured in submissions to the site.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information obtained through this site may be used for announcements from the Prefecture and statistical analysis by the Nagano Tourism Association.
Personal information will not be made available to third parties or be used for anything else other than above-mentioned Nagano tourism purposes.