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พฤศจิกายน 5, 2015


Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter vol. 2
October 30, 2015
Issued by: International Tourism Promotion Office,
Nagano Prefecture


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Hello, every one!
Thank you so much for reading the fall issue of Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter!
Today we will send you great tourism information about the winter season (from December of February) in Nagano.

In Nagano, some mountain tops had the first snowfall in early October, sending us signs of winter. Winter is definitely Nagano’s attraction. We have different winter weather from place to place, because Nagano is 212km long from North to South. For example, Nagano City in the Northern Nagano may be covered with heavy snow on the day Matsumoto in the center of Nagano has cloudy skies and Ina in Southern Nagano has clear, blue skies with warm sunshine. This is what Nagano’s weather is like, with totally different winter facades.
Please read our email newsletter and enjoy Nagano in the winter wonderland~♪。

■□ Special Coverage 
・・・〵・・・〵・・・Ski Resorts in Nagano・・・〳・・・〳・・・   
             「Have fun in the winter wonderland How to enjoy winter・・・・」

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇ Hakuba Valley ◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
 Hakuba Valley is a collection of ski resorts with beautiful snow-covered mountains, and the most popular destination for Australians. Direct bus services are available from Nagano International Airport from December 19~March 8. Visit the Ski Jumping Stadium used during the Nagano Winter Olympics, go up to the start point and share the excitement of the world-class jumpers.
Tourism Commission Of Hakuba Village
http://vill.hakuba.nagano.jp/index2.html (Japanese)
http://www.hakubavalley.com/ (English)

Direct bus service from Narita Airport
 http://www.alpico.co.jp/traffic/express/narita_hakuba/en/ (English)

Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort Information Sheet

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇ Shiga Highlands・Kita Shiga Highlands Areas ◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
Shiga Highlands and Kita Shiga Highlands are the ski resorts closest to the Snow Monkey Park, where you can enjoy one of the world’s best powder snow. Their multi-resort lift pass usable at all 19 ski grounds in Shiga Highlands is great for a long stay! From the top of Mt. Yokote (2,307m), you will have a breathtaking view on a clear day, including a distant view of Mt. Fuji.
Shiga Highlands Area •Kita Shiga Highlands Areas (19ski grounds)
Information Sheet
Ryuo Ski Park Information Sheet

Shiga Highlands
http://www.shigakogen.gr.jp/ (Japanese)
http://www.shigakogen.gr.jp.e.qn.hp.transer.com/ (English)

✣❤✣✣❤◆◇ Ski Resorts for Beginners ◆◇❤✣✣❤✣
・・☆★Karuizawa Prince Hotel Snow Resorts
Ride on a Shinkansen and enjoy many ski runs for beginners at Karuizawa Prince Hotel Snow Resorts. Nagano’s largest outlet mall is right next to the resort. Stay at Karuizawa Prince Hotel, and save money!
Information Sheet

・・☆★Ina Ski Resort 
Best ski resort for ski and snowboard beginners, with free lessons for beginners on gentle slopes.
The resort is open at night every day, and a vegetarian menu is available at the restaurant.
Information Sheet


※Visit the website below, and search hotels Hakuba, Shiga Highlands and Nozawa Onsen areas!
http://www.snowlove.net/japan/ (English)

★☆★☆★  Money-Saving Information  

In winter, we have many festivals so fierce and heated that we forget the cold weather. We also have gorgeous festivals surrounded with bright lights. As we wait for arrival of Spring, why don’t we go out and enjoy winter festivals in Nagano, following the lights lighted in many places in the winter wonderland?


【1】Karuizawa Winter Festival
■ Karuizawa is one of the most famous summer resorts in Japan, but winter is also attractive in this stylish resort town. Events are held in many places in town, and colorful illuminations light up your special time during the Christmas and Valentine’s.
Karuizawa Information Sheet
【2】Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival
■ Visit Matsumoto Castle in the winter, and enjoy ice events including Japan Ice Sculpture Contest and a giant ice slide. The sculptures are illuminated beautifully at night.
https://www.nagano-cvb.or.jp/nagano/sightseeing/E324/05_02_01a_index.html (Japanese/English)
【3】Iiyama Kamakura Restaurant
■ Kamakura is a small hut made with snow. It is surprisingly warm in the snow hut, and you can enjoy warm dinner inside including hot-pot soup with vegetables and meat.
There are many snow huts on the site, and they look very fantastic when illuminated at night.
Iiyama Information Sheet
【4】Nozawa Dosojin Fire Festival
■ Nozawa Dosojin Festival is one Japan’s most famous fire festivals, held on January 15 every year. It is a spectacular event where a heated battle is fought between the villagers trying to burn down the makeshift shrine and the defenders. When the shrine catches fire, the festival reaches the climax.
http://www.nozawakanko.jp/spot/dousozin.php (Japanese)
http://nozawakanko.jp/english/event/ (English)
【5】Eastern Nagano Snowball Fight, Saku Event
■A snowball fight is a sport both adults and children can be crazy about. Winner is decided by a tactical moment during these thrilling games.
Saku Information Sheet
【6】Nagano Lantern Festival
■ Nagano Lantern Festival started to commemorate Nagano Winter Olympic Games. Zenkoji Temple will be illuminated in five Olympic colors, and many lanterns line the approach to the temple. Please enjoy Buddhist’s vegetarian cuisine and tea and sweets at Shukubo guesthouses run by temples for pilgrims.
https://www.nagano-cvb.or.jp/nagano/sightseeing/E324/05_02_01a_index.html  (Japanese)
【7】Hina Doll Festival with One Thousand Dolls on Thirty Steps
■ March 3 is a special day for girls in Japan, when we display hina dolls dressed in traditional kimono to pray healthy growth of girls. Please visit Suzaka between January and April, where you can meet 6,000 hina dolls made between the Edo era (17~19 centuries) and now.
http://www.culture-suzaka.or.jp/hinamatsuri/ (Japanese)
Information Sheet
【8】Shimotsuki Festival
■ Shimotsuki Festival is an impressive Shinto event preserved in Toyamago in Southern Nagano. Villagers portraying myriads of gods dance around a huge pot of boiling water, and splash the boiling water barehanded. It is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset. http://tohyamago.com/simotuki/okori/  (Japanese)

+-…+-…++-…♪♪ ♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…++♪♪+-…++
 During the “Silver Week” in September, when we have many holidays, I visited my sister in Saitama for the first time in eight years. I was very surprised to see that even at 12 midnight, there were so many vehicles and people on the streets, and that 24-hour restaurants were packed with guests. I was even more surprised that a bunch of grapes from Nagano was sold for 4,000 yen there! I realized how blessing it is to live in Nagano rich with nature. In September, our mornings and evenings started to be very cool. In our yard we can smell sweet aroma of fragrant olives. We can see grasshoppers hop during the day, and at night, clear, peaceful sounds of bell crickets give us such peaceful moments, and gently surround us until we forget how much time has passed. Nagano’s “nostalgic” beauty never stops fascinating us.
In the next email newsletter, I will send you some Spring information about March to May. Please don’t miss it!


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