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เมษายน 6, 2016


Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter Vol. 4

April.6 2016

Issued by: International Tourism Promotion Office, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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In this issue, please find our recommendations for Nagano’s summer specials (from June to September).
Lingering fog in early morning, whispers of evening cicadas in late afternoon, and stars falling from the sky at night… At such times of the day In summer in Nagano, you can feel time goes by more mystically, and how fresh and cool it is even in the summer. During the day, please also enjoy out-of-the-ordinary under the blue sky with mushrooming white storm cloud and the glaring sun.

Please read this month’s email newsletter, and come to Nagano to enjoy cool winds. Enjoy “cool summer funs” in the great nature of Nagano, and you will not be able to remember the heat in the big city anymore. The nature in Nagano is a treasure trove of activities. Please enjoy the great nature in Nagano. ♪


■□ Special Features

・・・〵・・・〵・・・Come to Refreshing Nagano to Cool Off・・・〳・・・〳・・・

Enchanted by Mountains: Journey to Nagano to Experience Mountains・・・・
✣❤✣✣❤ Summer Activities to Enjoy Mountains in Nagano ❤✣✣❤✣

◆◇◆ VISIT Active Shinshu

http://nagano.visit-town.com/active (Japanese)

◆◇◆ goat, Nagano Outdoor Activity Guide

http://nagano-outdoor.com/ (Japanese)

◆◇ Let’s Enjoy Cycling

♪Cycling events to feel the great nature with your five senses: Please see the information sheet for details.

♪Lake Nojiri Cycling Course: Lake Nojiri used to be called Lake Shinano-jiri (End of Shinano=Nagano), and was later shortened. It is also known as Lake Confederate Rose because of its shape. Please see the information sheet for details.

◆◇ Let’s Enjoy Trekking

Hear the birds sing and winds blow, and you will be comforted. Take one big breath, and every part of your body will be filled with the fresh scent of the forest.

♪Shiga Highlands Guided Trekking Tours: Please see the information sheet for details.

♪Trekking on Therapy Roads in Shinano Town: Please see the information sheet for details.

♪Come to see Skunk Cabbage Festival at Tsugaike Nature Park via gondola and ropeway. You can also enjoy the landscape of the Northern Alps, pretty alpine flowers and trekking. Please see the information sheet for details.

♪Recommended trekking courses to beginners and children, where you can also enjoy alpine flowers in each season: Please see the information sheet for details.

◆◇ Let’s Enjoy Wide Open Sky

Trekking is one way to enjoy summer mountains, but how about casual sky walking on a ropeway that takes you to the mountaintop sky-high that you have always dreamed of?

♪World’s Largest Ropeway and SORA Terrace’s Magnificent Scenery Above the Clouds: Please see the information sheet for details.
♪Senjojiki Cirque and Mt. Komagatake

Ride the Chuo Alps Komagatake Ropeway, and visit Senjojiki Cirque 2,600m above sea level, where 150 kinds of alpine flowers are in full bloom in July and August. We recommend the one-hour-long walking trail, where you can see Mt. Hokendake right in front of you, and have distant views of the Southern Alps and Mt. Fuji. If you would like to be active and challenge the 2-hour trip to Mt. Komagatake (one-way), please ask for a local mountain guide.


(English/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese))

◆◇ Lured by the Night Forest, Let’s Reach the Stars in the Sky

♪ Go into the silent, peaceful night. Enjoy a night hike in Takamine Highlands under the skyful of twinkling stars.

Please see the information sheet for details.

♪ Take the gondola, and join Japan’s best Starry Night Tour.

http://sva.jp/vixen/ (Japanese)

★☆★☆★  Useful Info①


Visit a Fruit Farm, and Pick Delicious Taste of Summer


Nagano is home to diverse vegetables and fruit throughout the year. Why don’t you visit a verdant farm full of sunshine, and enjoy fruit picking?

【1】Cherries   ☆★Mid-June ~ Mid-July

Location: Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet

【2】Blueberries  ☆★Early July ~ Early September

Location: Matsui Farm Information Sheet

Location: Yamanouchi Town Information Sheet

Location: Shinanomachi Town Information Sheet

Location: Sonosato Blueberry Farm Information Sheet

【3】Grapes   ☆★Late August ~ Late October

Location: Shiozaki Farm, Iiyama City, Information Sheet

【4】Apples   ☆★Early August ~ Early December

Location: Matsui Farm Information Sheet

Location: Shiozaki Farm, Iiyama City, Information Sheet

★☆★☆★  Useful Info②

Let’s Enjoy a Midsummer Night!


Your trip in Nagano will end with the season’s fireworks shot from the riverside, painting the summer night sky and river water with bright colors, and echoing throughout the surrounding mountains. The sound of clattering wooden sandals stirs nostalgia of summer in Japan.
【1】During the Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival on August 15 each year, over 40,000 flowers of fire bloom and light up the evening sky and the lake. All Japan New Fireworks Competition is also held in Suwa every year on the first Saturday of September, where fireworks artists from all over Japan gather to display their unconventional and original ideas and skills. Apart from these two large-scale events, 800 fireworks are launched every night from late July to the end of August on Lake Suwa.

http://www.suwakanko.jp/ (Japanese)

http://www.go-nagano.net/modules/contents07/index.php?id=1&mode=disdetailsisetu&cityid=6&junleid=13&indexid=5&kubuncode=7 (English)

【2】Mikoshi Carrying at Komoro City Festival

See Information Sheet

【3】Lake Nojiri Floating Lanterns and Fireworks Festival

See Information Sheet

【4】Iiyama Lantern Festival

See Information Sheet

【5】Shibu Onsen Summer Festival

See Information Sheet

【6】Komoro Dokansho Festival

See Information Sheet

…++♪♪+-…+++-…+-…++-…♪♪ Today’s Tweet ♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…♪♪+-…++-…+-…++-…+-…++♪♪+-…++
Today I sent information about Nagano’s various summer activities. I hope you enjoyed it.
I would like to say this again: Nagano’s summer is SO refreshing. It does not get muggy, since there is no humidity. During the morning walk by the stream, you will feel the air so clear, and hear the stream murmur in the morning stillness. What luxury! And the water coming out of the faucet is cold even in the summer. Please feel the blessings of nature throughout your body!
I have lived in Nagano for 25 years now. In the summer, my neighbors leave fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and other fresh vegetables at the entrance of our home. On my way home from a bicycle ride with my child, I met a friend, who gave me sweet-smelling peaches. Such a relationship is so rare in big cities, and makes me feel so comforted.
As I provide you with Nagano’s tourism info, I come to find more beauties of Nagano each time, and there is a lot more in Nagano. I almost wish I could keep all information to myself, since Nagano is so comforting, but I know it is not fair. I will continue to share the blessings of the great nature of Nagano with all of you!


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