【Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter】Enjoy Autumn in Nagano!

สิงหาคม 12, 2014



Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter Vol. 1 

August 12, 2014

Issued by: International Tourism Promotion Office,

Nagano Prefecture




You received this email newsletter because we exchanged our business cards with you. 




Hi, how are you? 


We decided to send out email newsletters to you to let you know Nagano’s exciting



This is our very first newsletter, and we are very happy to present you our autumn

issue (September – November)! 


When you visit Nagano in autumn (September – November), you cannot miss our

spectacular fall foliage and delicious apples. 

In Nagano, there are over 50 famous spots to view fall foliage!  We chose some special

vista points as our recommendations.


Some apple farmers in Nagano speak some foreign languages!  Please come visit

these orchards to pick delicious, juicy apples right from the trees!  They are grown

by friendly local apple farmers with great care. 


We have collected many beautiful photos of the areas.  Please visit our website and

enjoy beautiful landscapes!





■ Table of Contents ■


 ★1★ Tourism App “Unique Nagano”・・・Experience authentic activities in



 ☆2☆ New Outlet Stores& the Prince Villa in Karuizawa



 ★3★ Fall Foliage・・・・・・・Nagano is hot and cool!  The climate creates

brilliant fall colors.


 ☆4☆ Apple Picking・・・・・・Apple farmers who speak foreign languages





           1 Tourism App “Unique Nagano”



 ■Use this tourism application, and find out 101 authentic activities including

buckwheat noodle making, white water boating, sake brewery visits, etc. 

  You can search various stores and facilities by Map, Category, Photo and Area. 

  Please visit the site below for more details:

  http://machiaruki.net/unique_nagano/ (English)





           2 New Outlet Stores in Karuizawa



 ♪♪Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Scale-Up Bargain♪♪

    ・・・・Tory Burch, Star Jewelry, Michael Kors, iittala… 33 new stores will

   join the shopping mall, and there will be a total of 240 stores by the fall!

            http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp/page/ (English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese)



 ♪♪Grand Opening of The Prince Villa Karuizawa♪♪

    ・・・・New accommodations opened in Karuizawa where you can enjoy both the

privacy of a villa and the convenience of a hotel.

This is a perfect place for a long stay with spacious and comfortable beds, cooking

appliances and a large refrigerator.

They also offer a catering service which sends a chef to your villa to cook. 

You have a choice of villas with a hot spring bath too. 

     http://www.princehotels.com/en/villa-karuizawa/ (English, Japanese, Korean,

Simplified and Traditional Chinese)





            3 Fall Foliage



 ◆◇Senjojiki Cirque in the Central Alps◆◇◆  From mid-September to late October

    ・・・・Take the ropeways and directly ascend to the highlands 2,600m high, while

                            admiring fall colors from the sky. 

            After you have enjoyed the fall foliage, satisfy your stomach with Komagane’s

            famous Sauce Katsu-don (breaded, deep fried pork cutlet rice bowl with


http://www.chuo-alps.com/en/index.html (Japanese)

http://www.go-nagano.net/modules/contents07/index.php?id=1&mode=disdetailsisetu&cityid=10&junleid=1&indexid=1&kubuncode=1 (English)



 ◆◇◆Tri-Colored Autumn Landscape in Hakuba◆◇◆  Late October

    ・・・・Hakuba is a famous tourist site with its scenic beauty in each season. 

        A galette made with Shinshu Salmon, Hakuba Pork and Hakuba buckwheat

                            are out of the world!

  Click for more info on Tri-Colored Autumn Landscapes in Hakuba

  Click for more info on Hakuba Galettes



 ◆◇◆Kiso (Mt. Ontake, Kiso Koma Highlands, Karasawa Falls, Kaida Highlands”◆◇◆

    ・・・・Mt. Ontake: From late September to early October

        Other locations in Kiso: Best from mid-to late October

  Click for more info



 ◆◇◆Fall Foliage Festival at Kaikoen Garden◆◇◆  From mid-October to mid-                                                                                                                                 November

    ・・・・One of Japan’s Top 100 Castles

    The fall foliage looks especially beautiful against the stone walls of the castle,

             attracting all of the visitors. 

http://www.go-nagano.net/modules/contents07/index.php?id=1&mode=disdetailsisetu&cityid=8&junleid=13&indexid=3&kubuncode=7 (English)



 ◆◇◆Tatami Daira in Norikura Highlands◆◇◆  From late September to late October

    ・・・・There is a “Sunrise Bus” service till the end of September.

        There are three celebrated waterfalls nearby, and you can

                            also visit Matsumoto Castle (National Treasure) in urban Matsumoto. 

  Click for more info

  Please visit the following websites for information about Matsumoto Castle:

  http://welcome.city.matsumoto.nagano.jp/contents03+index.id+3.htm (English)



 ◆◇◆Yonago Great Falls◆◇◆  Mid-October

    ・・・・See a spectacular view of two water falls side by side!

        In October, take the shuttle bus to the falls from nearby one-day hot spring

                            resort Yukkuland.

  Click for more info on Yonago Great Falls

  Click for more info on Yukkuland





            4 Apple Picking



 ●○●Crown Farm●○●  From early October to early December

    ・・・・They speak English and German!  Absolutely no chemical fertilizers added!

                             Only a 5-minute drive from Togura Kamiyamada Hot Spring.  You can also

                             pick grapes from early September to late October.   

            500 yen for all-you-can-pick-and-eat in the orchard, plus one piece to take


  http://www.sky.hi-ho.ne.jp/crown-farm/access.html (Japanese)

  http://machiaruki.net/unique_nagano/detail.php?id=28 (English)



 ●○●Azumino Tourist Farm●○●  From late July to late November

    ・・・・They speak Chinese!  They also have peaches and blueberries in the summer.

        They grow numerous kinds of fruit — over 30 varieties of apples and 15

                            varieties of peaches!

  http://www.azm.janis.or.jp/~azumino3/ (Japanese)



 ●○●Matsui Farm●○●  From mid-August to early December

    ・・・・They have 2,000 organic apple trees grown with only a small

                            amount of chemicals.

        You can also come empty-handed, and enjoy outdoor BBQ!

        Blueberry picking is also available from early July to early September. 

  http://www.matsui-farm.co.jp/ringo.html (Japanese)

  Click for more info




 ~One last thing


How did you like our first issue of Nagano Prefecture’s Official Tourism Email Newsletter? 

I hope you got to know wonderful features of Nagano in the fall.  Thank you for reading it

to the end! 


In our next issue, we will let you know about our winter attractions (DecemberMarch),

including ski resorts and winter events!  


I am ready to give it my best shot because I am a snowboarder myself.  I hope you will like it!






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