B&B August 7th (Karuizawa)

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Beautiful outlook of “B&B August 7th” in the evening.
The original barbecue consists of delicious pork spareribs, beef, chicken and seafood in different tasty sauces. (Dinner is optional)

Are you looking for a nice B&B in Karuizawa?  Then I’d like to introduce “B&B August 7th” located in the southern part of Karuizawa.  If you look at the left photo above showing the outlook, you will see the building has a French palace atmosphere.  The B&B’s name “August 7th” was given because it is the opening date of the B&B as well as the birthday of the owner.

The B&B welcomes tourists from overseas and has accepted many including those from the USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  According to the owner, the inn is also loved by TV personalities, lawyers, golf competition sponsors and famous professional golf players.

You can also enjoy your stay in various ways there.  For example, you can rent barbecue equipment and enjoy barbecue with food and drinks you bring.  Or you can use the inn as a base of tennis camp.  Or you can hold a private party inviting around 10 to 40 guests.  They also welcome tourists traveling alone.  Long stayers are welcome, too.

Why not stay in B&B August 7th when you come to Karuizawa?


Breakfast. This is a photo of the hotel’s original French toast topped with season’s fruit, yogurt, blueberry sauce, and so on.
This double room called “Violet” is equipped with 16c French antique bed frame with a canopy and a chandelier.

Dining room with classic tableware.


Stylish family bathroom surrounded by the glass.


Japanese room in the old Karuizawa summer house style.

Name of the facility B&B August 7th
Description of business Accommodation (capacity: 45 guests, Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms), rental barbecue equipment
Tel 0267-41-4606 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-41-4555 (Japan country code: 81)
Email t.mitsuko@pnetclub.net
http://www.bbaugust7.com/ (Click “English)
Address 13-19, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
How to contact Fax, email, online reservation (website) or telephone.
  • 4 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station.  Take Prince Dori Street, along which Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza stands.  Turn left at the second signal called Narisawa and take the first left into a narrow graveled path.  The B&B is the second on the left.
  • 24 minutes on foot from Karuizawa Station.  Take Prince Dori Street and turn left into a graveled path 3 houses before the signal called Narisawa. The B&B is on the right on the path.
Operating hours Check-in: 16:00, Check-out: 10:00
Rates and other prices JPY6,000 without meals to JPY18,500 with breakfast per person including air-conditioning
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

* This article is written based on the information given by the facility and the writer is not liable for the information.

Musee Le Vent (museum in Karuizawa)

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From 2011 exhibition.
“Kao” (Face) by Masanari Murai.
From 2011 exhibition.
“Soratobuie” (Flying house)
by Yoji Kuri.

“Musee Le Vent” is a museum in Karuizawa related to a school called Bunka Gakuin.  The museum building is a reproduction of Bunka Gakuin’s school building at the time of foundation in 1921.  Designed by Isaku Nishimura, the school founder and the artist, the museum is in the British cottage style with a beautiful garden, from which you can see Mt. Asama well.

The museum offers two exhibitions, one with its permanent collection and the other with a themed special collection.  The permanent exhibition includes works of Isaku Nishimura and of artists related to Bunka Gakuin, such as Kaoru Yamaguchi, the painter, and Akiko Yosano, the poet.  As for the special exhibition, the theme of the year 2011 is “Flowering of Individuality — small and good things (Isaku Nishimura’s words) —“.  The special exhibition is now showing works of graduates of Bunka Gakuin, who became first-class artists after graduation, such as Masanari Murai, Yoji Kuri and Setsu Nagasawa.

I would like to add that the museum has a very nice cafe that has a spacious terrace facing the charming lawn garden.  You can enjoy great food, cakes and drinks.  The cafe and the neighboring museum shop can be entered without museum admission tickets, so you can drop in and enjoy relaxing time anytime.   The museum also holds several concerts in August.  Why not come to Karuizawa to spend a wonderful time in Musee Le Vent this summer and autumn? 

Musee Le Vent is located in the quiet greenery setting in the southern part of Karuizawa.
A menu from Cafe Le Vent. The quiche with smoked salmon and asparagus is delicious.

Museum shop Le Vent sells a selection of art goods.



From 2011 exhibition. "Aoitaitsude" (In blue tights) by Setsu Nagasawa.


The rice omelet is a popular menu at Le Vent Cafe.

Name of the facility Musee Le Vent
Description of business Museum, shop, cafe
Tel 0267-46-1911 / 03-3401-8896 (Tokyo office)
Fax 0267-46-1910 / 03-3401-8896 (Tokyo office)
Email info@levent.or.jp
Address 957-10, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
How to contact Tel, fax or email.
Access 15 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station of JR Nagano Shinkansen or Shinano Tetsudo (Shinano Railway) or 5 minutes by taxi from Nakakaruizawa Station of Shinano Tetsudo. 12 kilometers from Usui Karuizawa Interchange.
Operating hours 10:00 – 17:00 from the mid June to the beginning of November.  Closed on Wednesday (no closure from July 15 to September 15).
Rates and other prices [Admission to the museum]

  • Adults: JPY800
  • University and senior high students: JPY600
  • Junior high and elementary students: JPY400

* Discount available for groups of 15 or more and for the disabled.

General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

Anti Aging Experience in Karuizawa with SPAKARU

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Anti Aging Possibility Check is held in this spacious salon. From the windows you can enjoy a beautiful view of green leaves.
“How can I do self-care?” It’s natural for anyone to imitate others in the beginning. You don’t have to learn completely. Self-care Beauty Lesson gives you an opportunity to start taking care of your skin by yourself.

Why don’t you get “Anti Aging Possibility Check” in Karuizawa?  You will see how much you can grow younger with natural herbs at a beauty salon “Hanakaoru Karuizawa”. 

 For example:

— Lymph care can lift your bust without touching your bust. 

— Leg massage can lift your hips without touching your hips.

— Head skin treatment can lift your face, which makes you look 5 to 10 years younger.

The above is realized with SPAKARU, natural cosmetics using herbs grown in Nagano.  Once you get the know-how for anti aging, you’ll be able to try it anytime by yourself at home.  If you come to Karuizawa, I recommend you to experience “Anti Aging Possibility Check” that gives you great effect with low price!


Lineup of “SPAKARU” cosmetics using rich herbs and ocean minerals. The aromas are gentle and natural, and yet they have good effect on users.
Left: Before “Anti Aging Possibility Check”, Right: After the check. Only 3-minute self-care has this great effect! 

Please enjoy herb tea with freshly-picked herbs.


The herb farm for research of SPAKARU, spreading at 1,100 meters above sea level in the foothills of Mt. Asama in Karuizawa.


At the herb farm about 300 kinds of herbs are grown for research. Thanks to clean air and plentiful morning dew, natural herbs with rich aroma are produced.

Name of the facility Salon’s name: Hanakaoru Karuizawa (U. Story Co., Ltd.)
Description of business
  • SPAKARU treatment for solving problems on beauty, such as “Anti Aging Possibility Check” and “Head Spa for Solving Hair Problems like Hair Growth”
  • Self-care Beauty Lesson (lesson for beauty care you can do by yourself at home)
  • Sales of SPAKARU cosmetics 
Tel 0267-44-1787 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-44-1797 (Japan country code: 81)
Email e-shop@spa-karuizawa.jp
Address 355-14, Oiwake, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0115, Japan
How to contact Tel, fax or email.
Access 20 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station of JR Nagano Shinkansen or Shinano Tetsudo (Shinano Railway) or 5 minutes by taxi from Shinanooiwake Station of Shinano Tetsudo. Please call us when you arrive at the station.
Operating hours Open from 10:00 – 17:00 on weekdays. Open every other Saturday (Please contact).
Rates and other prices [Main Products]

  • Herb Essence (50ml x 2): JPY8,400
  • Herb Cream Luxury (10g): JPY10.500
  • Herb Water Spray (100ml): JPY3,675
  • Shampoo Luxury (200ml): JPY 3,675

[SPAKARU Treatment] (Reservation Essential)

  • Anti Aging Possibility Check (20 minutes): JPY2,500
  • Head Spa (30 minutes): JPY5,800
  • Body (30 minutes) Basic: JPY6,800, Special: JPY15,000
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)


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Beautiful garden in front of the entrance to SEZON MUSEUM OF MODERN ART.
Exhibition room.  Front from left, “Emak Bakia”, “By Itself II”, “Monument au Peinture Inconnu” (Man Ray), Back from left, “Target”, “Usuyuki” (Jasper Johns) 

SEZON MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, celebrating the 30th anniversary this year, is located near Sengataki Waterfall, a beautiful area with abundant nature.  Its vast premises include a museum building as well as a specious garden which has art works on the lawn, near the river and among trees.  

The museum has a systematic collection of modern art works by world-famous artists from the early 20th century to the present.  It currently houses about 500 works of prominent modern artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Man Ray, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Shusaku Arakawa, Hisao Domoto, Tadanori Yokoo and Kazumi Nakamura.   The museum’s collection is selectively exhibited to the public in spring and summer under the name of “SEZON MUSEUM OF MODERN ART COLLECTION Exhibition”.  On the other hand, the museum introduces art works of upcoming young Japanese artists in autumn under the name of “ART TODAY Exhibition”.

After or before you enjoy the art, you could take a rest in a nice museum cafe with a terrace.  Its menu includes light meals such as pasta and sandwiches, and handmade cakes.  I had a banana cake and a coffee and they were very good!  If you’d like to get some museum postcards or art books, you could drop by a museum shop.

Why not come down to Karuizawa to enjoy fine modern art at SEZON MUSEUM?


Clubhouse sandwich is a popular menu at the museum cafe.  Why not take a rest?
You can walk around a spacious lawn garden with art works.

The garden is refreshing with trees and a river.


Exhibition room. From left, "Untitled" (Louise Nevelson), "Bird" (R.B.E), "Yes Coke" (Cesar), "Perpetual Motif" (R.B.E), "Pain Dore (Pandora)" (Man Ray), "Portfolio 'Mao Tse-Tung'" (Andy Warhol), "Gay Liberation" (George Segal).


Banana cake and coffee I enjoyed in the cafe with a garden view. They were delicious!


Name of the facility SEZON MUSEUM OF MODERN ART
Description of business Museum, cafe and shop
Tel 0267-46-2020 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-46-2021 (Japan country code: 81)
Email karuizawa@smma.or.jp
http://www.smma.or.jp/ (Click “English”)
Address 2140, Serigasawa, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
How to contact Fax or email.
  • Take JR Nagano Shinkansen and get off at Karuizawa station or take Shinano Tetsudo (Shinano Railway) and get off at Nakakaruizawa station.
  • Take a bus bound for “Kusatsu Onsen” and get off at “Sengataki Onsen Iriguchi”.
  • Walk 10 minutes.
Operating hours Open from the middle of Apr to the end of Nov.  10:00 – 18:00 (Apr to Oct), 10:00 – 17:00 (Nov). Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time. Closed on Thursdays (open every day in Aug). Possible closing on other days for changing exhibits.
  • Please refrain from bringing cars, bikes and pets inside the gate (there is a parking lot outside the gate)
  • Please refrain from eating and drinking, entering the lawn, taking wild plants and insects, playing with balls in the garden.
  • Please refrain from talking on mobiles, touching works, taking photos, speaking loudly and running inside the museum building.
Rates and other prices Adults: JPY1,000 (JPY900), University and senior high students: JPY700 (JPY600), Junior high and elementary students: JPY300 (JPY200). Prices in brackets are for groups of 20 or more.
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

Listen to FM Karuizawa

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Radio station of FM Karuizawa. Tune in to 77.5 MHz!
FM Karuizawa hosts or cosponsors various music events.   

Today I would like to introduce “FM Karuizawa”, a community radio station based in Karuizawa celebrating the 10th anniversary since its establishment.  Luckily I was able to talk to Ms. Tomoko Shimizu, who is one of the popular radio personalities appearing in the programs “Morning Blend” (Mon to Fri) and “Afternoon Blend” (Mon to Thu).  Let me share with you the following information heard from her.

You can listen to their programs 24 hours not only on the radio at 77.5 MHz but also on the Internet (http://fm-karuizawa.net/).  That means, if you access the Internet, you can listen to FM Karuizawa from every part of the world.   How convenient and amazing!

The radio station reports news, event and life information mainly on Karuizawa.  So you can know what is happening and what will happen in Karuizawa from the radio, which will be helpful for planning your travel.  And of course, they play music, too.   You can listen to English and Japanese songs and various music.  It will be a good opportunity for tourists if you wish to know what kind of music is currently popular in Japan.  Many drivers tune in to FM Karuizawa in the car when they drive through Karuizawa.  

Their activities are not limited to radio broadcasting.   They host, co-host or cooperate many sorts of events especially in the fields of sports and classical music.  On June 4th and 5th, a cycling event called “granfondo karuizawa” will be held.  Cyclists gather in Karuizawa and enjoy either a 40- or 125-kilometer bike ride.  And in August, two big classical music festivals will be held: “Karuizawa Arts Festival” and “Karuizawa International Music Festival.”  If you come to these concerts, I’m sure you will have wonderful holidays with authentic music in Karuizawa’s cool and beautiful summer.  Furthermore, FM Karuizawa issues a free magazine called “Platinum Magazine” for those who wish to spend a relaxing time in Karuizawa.  You can get it for free at many places in the town.

Why not tune in to FM Karuizawa and make your life and travel happier? 

Equipment for radio broadcasting. Microphone and cough system. 
  Councilors and staff of FM Karuizawa.

Editing work is also a very important job in radio broadcasting.


Ms. Shimizu Tomoko, a radio personality I talked to.



Cycling event "granfondo karuizawa" will be held on June 4-5, 2011 with cooperation of FM Karuizawa.

Name of the facility FM Karuizawa
Description of business FM radio broadcasting (77.5 MHz and Internet radio), Planning and organizing events, Issuing free magazines, Sales of concert tickets
Tel 0267-41-3838 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-41-2626 (Japan country code: 81)
Email 77.5@fm-karuizawa.co.jp
Address Sawayakahatto 2F, 1178-1186, Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0102, Japan
Reservations and inquiries Tel, fax or email.
Access 2F of JR Karuizawa Station
Operating hours 9:00 – 18:00
Room type and capacity
Rates and other prices Please contact.
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

SAWAYA’s Fresh Jam in Karuizawa

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Hulling strawberries by human hands.  SAWAYA offers start-to-finish production of jam.
Fresh strawberries in a large caldron in the jam factory.

// SAWAYA is operating as usual without any influence of the March 11th earthquake and radiation as of May 2, 2011.  Please feel safe to come. //

“Jam” is one of the most popular souvenirs of Karuizawa.  In the end of the 19th century, Westerners living in Japan, many of whom were Christian missionaries, started to live in Karuizawa during summer.  Karuizawa’s summer is cool (the max temperature seldom exceeds 30 degrees Celsius), so foreign residents came here to escape from Japan’s hot and humid summer.  During their stay, they taught European culture and techniques to Karuizawa’s local residents.  Jam is said to be one of such techniques conveyed from foreign residents. 

Today I would like to introduce a famous jam production and sales company called SAWAYA to you.  SAWAYA, started as a greengrocer’s in 1952, is proud of start-to-finish production of jam at their own factory.  They use only domestic fresh fruits harvested at their best in each season.  Their jam, made without additives, ranked No.1 in the “Breakfast Jam Ranking” of Nikkei, a prestigious newspaper.  If you go to SAWAYA shops, you’ll be surprised by a huge variety of jam flavors.  According to the staff, the most popular flavor is strawberry, the second blueberry, and the third orange marmalade.  They also offer jam making experience programs.  It will be a good memory if you join one.

SAWAYA runs restaurants, too.  At Restaurant “CoDow” surrounded by trees, you can enjoy French food in a nice atmosphere.  At SAWAYA CAFE and Kyu-Karuizawa Cafe, snacks like Russian piroshki and drinks are served.  And on April 28th 2011, a brand-new bakery cafe called “Patisserie et Cafe fleur fleur” has just opened.  You can buy or eat sweets, bread or some meals there.  

The writer (me) is also an old fan of SAWAYA and likes to give the jam to friends and families as Karuizawa’s specialty.  When you come to Karuizawa, please don’t miss it! 


From left, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, orange marmalade. They are just a few of SAWAYA’s large collection of flavors.
Restaurant “CoDow”, a casual French restaurant, is spacious and surrounded by trees.

Piroshki, a Russian-style fried meat bun, is a popular menu at cafes.


Beautiful sweets with fresh ingredients. Available at "fleur fleur", etc.


A variety of bread at "fleur fleur". Why not take a rest during sightseeing?

Name of the facility SAWAYA
Description of business Production and sales of jam, restaurants 
Tel 0267-46-2400 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-46-2404 (Japan country code: 81)
Email info@sawaya-jam.com
Address 702, Shiozawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
Reservations and inquiries Please contact by fax or email.
Access Map is available on SAWAYA’s website.

  • Sawaya Bypass Shop (Restaurant “CoDow”, Patisserie et Cafe “fleur fleur”, jam shop): Along R18 Bypass. 5 mins by taxi from Karuizawa Station.
  • Kyukaruizawa Shop and Cafe: Near Karuizawa Ginza Shopping Street.
  • Kyukaru Rotary Shop: Along Karuizawa Ginza Shopping Street.
  • SAWAYA CAFE: Along Karuizawa Ginza Shopping Street.
  • Shin-Karuizawa Shop: 5 mins on foot from Karuizawa Station North Exit.
  • Prince Dori Shop: Along Prince Dori (or Prince Street). 8 mins on foot from Karuizawa Station South Exit.
  • SAWAYA Jam Factory: 20 mins by taxi from Karuizawa Station. 
  • Karuizawa Station Shop: Near the ticket gates at Karuizawa Station.
Operating hours
  • Jam shops are open throughout the year from 9:00 to 19:00 (time changeable in winter).
  • Restaurant “CoDow”: Open every day in July and August.  For other months, closed on Tuesdays.  Possible winter closure.
  • Patisserie et cafe “fleur fleur”: Newly opened on April 28, 2011. Closed on Thursdays.
Room type and capacity
Rates and other prices
  • Jam: Different prices
  • Jam Making Experience Program: JPY2,800 (including factory tour), JPY3,850 (including afternoon tea, JPY2,500 for children), JPY5,250 (including multi-course lunch, JPY3,150 for children)
  • Restaurant “CoDow”: Set lunch from JPY1,420
  • SAWAYA CAFE: Piroshki JPY280, blueberry soft ice cream JPY400
  • Patisserie et Cafe “Fleur Fleur”: Bread from JPY100, Brunch from JPY800, Lunch from JPY900
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa

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The appearance of “Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa” surrounded by greenery.
The guestroom “Carmen” is charming with the interior in rose patterns, accommodating up to 5 guests. 

// Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa is operating as usual without any influence of the March 11th earthquake and radiation as of April 13, 2011. Please feel safe to come. //

Today I would like to introduce “Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa”.  As the name suggests, the hotel’s concept is music.  The hotel owner is a great fan of music and his wife, who majored in vocal music at a music university, loves singing.  

When you are in the hotel, you can feel music everywhere.  There is a piano in the dining room, where a small concert is sometimes held.  The hotel keys are attached to wooden key holders in the forms of musical instruments.  There is a large collection of classical music CDs.  Above all, all the guestrooms are named after heroines of opera: Elizabeth (from “Tannhauser”), Tosca (from “Tosca”), Pamina (from “The Magic Flute”), Aida (from “Aida”), Rosina (from “The Barber of Seville”), Carmen (from “Carmen”), and Rosalinde (from “The Bat”).  Each room has a different interior reflecting the image of the opera heroine.

The hotel is, of course, fascinating not only for music lovers but also for anyone who wishes to have a comfortable stay.  The hotel’s location, the northwestern part of Karuizawa, is tranquil and abundant in greenery.  One of the attractions of the hotel is their refreshing open-air bath from which you can enjoy a view of the beautiful national forest.  Since it is a family-bath style, meaning that the bath is used by each guest group in turn, you can have a relaxing bath time privately.  All the guestrooms except for one are also equipped with a private bathroom.  As for dinner, you can choose French multi-course dinner or cheese fondu multi-course dinner, which are prepared by the owner’s wife.  Both the dinners are great.  Breakfast is also voluminous and freshly baked bread is quite popular among guests.

So, in short, I can recommend Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa to everyone!   You can find more photos on their website shown below.  I’m sure you will have a refreshing and memorable stay there.   

Champagne “OPERA” with the Paris Opera House mark can be ordered.
Beautiful and delicious French multi-course dinner.  You can also choose cheese fondu dinner.

Refreshing open-air bath with a view of national forest.


Hearty breakfast. Freshly baked original bread is popular among guests.


Hotel owner and his wife in front of the entrance. They give you a warm welcome.

Name of the facility Piccolo Hotel Opera Karuizawa
Description of business Accommodation
Tel 0267-44-3133 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-44-3122 (Japan country code: 81)
Email opera@sas.janis.or.jp
Address 5664-3, Ohinata, Nagakura, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0111, Japan
Reservations and inquiries  [Inquiry and Reservation Procedure]

  1. Please email an “inquiry message” to opera@sas.janis.or.jp with following information. (1) Name, (2) Address, nationality, phone number and email address, (3) Check-in and check-out dates, (4) Number of guests (basically children aged 10 or younger cannot stay. Please contact), (5) Room type you hope to stay (number of beds, double or twin, etc.), (6) Whether you will have dinner and breakfast, (7) Contact details of the previous night’s stay (location, hotel name, etc.)  (8) Question if you have.
  2. The hotel will email an “inquiry reply message” in English within 24 hours. (If you don’t receive it within 24 hours, your inquiry message might not have safely arrived. In that case, please email your inquiry message again, or fax or call.)
  3. If you agree to the inquiry reply message (above 2), please email a “formal reservation message”.
  4. The hotel will email a “formal reservation confirmation message”.
  5. Please print out the formal reservation confirmation message (above 4) and show it to the hotel when you check in.
  • If you come by train, 15 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station (JR Nagano Shinkansen or Shinano Tetsudo) or 5 minutes by taxi from Shinano Oiwake Station (Shinano Tetsudo, 10 minutes from Karuizawa). The hotel can pick you up at Shinano Oiwake Station except during busy seasons. If you need pickup service, please contact the hotel for availability.
  • If you come by car, you can use Usui Karuizawa I.C., Komoro I.C., Saku I.C., Tobu Yunomaru I.C., or Matsuida Myogi I.C.
Operating hours Check-in is at 15:00 and check-out is at 10:00.
Room type and capacity Western-style guestrooms. The hotel can accommodate up to 20 guests.
Rates and other prices JPY10,800 or more per person with dinner and breakfast and JPY6,000 or more per person without meals, both for rooms of 2 to 5 guests. Price is changeable depending on the day and the season.
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

Hotel Generous Karuizawa

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The appearance of Hotel Generous Karuizawa in the evening.
Entrance and lobby.  In winter the wood stove will warm you.

// Hotel Generous Karuizawa is operating as usual without any influence of the March 11th earthquake and radiation as of April 2, 2011.  Please feel safe to come. //

I often go cycling in the southern part of Karuizawa, not only for holding guided bike tours but also for my own refreshment.  South Karuizawa boasts beautiful, open and tranquil scenery with rich nature.  When I go to South Karuizawa by bike, I often pass by beautiful buildings surrounded by green lawn and have been curious about them for long.  This time, finally, I visited there, “Hotel Generous Karuizawa”.  So let me introduce it to you.

First of all, Hotel Generous Karuizawa stands in a specious ground as the above photo.  The European-style buildings and guestrooms are elegant and classic.   Each of the ten guestrooms has its own design, so you can choose the room of your taste by looking at the photo gallery of the hotel’s website.   You will have dinner and breakfast at the restaurant called “Artigny”.  The restaurant serves authentic French multi-course dinner and Western-style breakfast using seasonally fresh local ingredients (they even have their own farm!).  In warm seasons, you can enjoy breakfast at the terrace with a great view of the extensive lovely garden.

Hotel Generous Karuizawa is also known for wedding.  They have their own chapel on their premise where you can have a wedding ceremony.  They have four different types of banquet rooms, Andrews, Angella, Artigny and Anny, where you can hold a wedding banquet.  You can choose the room depending on your taste and group size, from a very small group to a large group of 120 guests.

If you like to have a relaxing mountain resort holiday, why not staying at Hotel Generous Karuizawa?  I’m sure you will have a special time there.


Suite double room on the second floor.
Suite twin room (Barrier free).

Restaurant Artigny. Dinner and breakfast are served.



French dinner with fresh and seasonal local ingredients.


Breakfast at the refreshing terrace facing a beautiful garden.

Name of the facility Hotel Generous Karuizawa
Description of business Accommodation and wedding
Tel 0267-48-1105 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-48-2825 (Japan country code: 81)
Email contact@generous.jp
Address 566, Hocchi, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0113, Japan
Reservations and inquiries Online reservation (on hotel homepage), Email, Fax or Tel (Telephone is available from 10:00 to 19:00) 
10 minutes by bus from Karuizawa Station or 10 minutes by car from Karuizawa IC.  (Map is on hotel homepage)
Operating dates and hours Open every day of the year (sometimes closed on Tuesday in winter) 
No. of guestrooms 10 Western-style rooms (can accommodate 20 guests)
Rates and other prices JPY10,000 or more per person with breakfast (if standard double room)
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)

The earthquakes and Karuizawa’s situation

March 16th, 2011 by
Category: Information, Miscellaneous, Report

First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all the victims of the massive earthquakes on March 11.  I can’t stop praying for the damaged areas’ soonest recovery.  I have also been touched with other countries’ concern and assistance for Japan.  

As I have received lots of inquiries about the situation in Karuizawa, let me make a quick notice here.  Karuizawa, where I live, has not been affected by the earthquakes, as announced by Karuizawa Tourist Association.  As far as I know, the life is generally normal and the companies and shops are operated.

For those who wish to have official information on Japan, here (http://www.jnto.go.jp/eq/) is the Japanese government’s “notice for overseas visitors traveling Northeastern Japan and the surrounding areas including Tokyo”.  It has comprehensive information in English.  Please be careful not to get incorrect or outdated information when you plan a trip.  If you want to know anything about individual facilities or events, I recommend you to check with that concerned party.  Many facilities are operated as normal in Nagano.

With warmest regards.

Holiday House in Karuizawa? Interview with Karuizawa Chuo Consultant Corporation

February 17th, 2011 by
Category: Report
One of leisure activities in green season is playing golf.  Karuizawa has a number of scenic golf courses.
You can enjoy skiing anytime in winter.  When you go down the slope, Karuizawa Town and Mt. Asama will come into view.

When the Japanese hear the word “Karuizawa”, many will associate it with high-class holiday houses.  Karuizawa is one of the most famous and prestigious places in Japan to have holiday homes.  Indeed, the number of holiday houses far outnumbers that of permanent residential ones. 

Why is Karuizawa so popular to have a second house?  To find the answer to this question, I visited a real estate company called Karuizawa Chuo Consultant Corporation and interviewed with the President, Mr. Kanayama.  The company has been in operation for more than 30 years in Karuizawa.  When you want to know better about a place, it is always best to talk to a local real estate professional.  He said that having a holiday home was one option to enjoy local life and tourism to the full.  

“Karuizawa’s history as a holiday resort started with a visit by Mr. Alexander Croft Shaw, a Canadian missionary,” said Mr. Kanayama.  “He praised Karuizawa for its beautiful nature and Western-like cool climate and built the very first holiday house.  He called this land ‘a hospital without a roof’, because he thought Karuizawa’s refreshing climate and nature had a good effect on health.  And so Mr. Shaw recommended his friends to have holiday cottages here.  Karuizawa thus began to flourish as a mountain resort with many holiday homes.”

“Then what are present attractions of Karuizawa as a place to have a vacation home?” I asked.  “First of all, Karuizawa is conveniently located in terms of access, ” explained Mr. Kanayama.  “If you take Nagano Shinkansen, it takes only little more than one hour from Tokyo.  Expressways are also well connected if you come by car.  Not only Tokyo but also many popular regional tourist spots such as Kusatsu and Zenkoji Temple are within easy access.  Secondly, you will be fascinated with four distinctive seasons; spring with beautiful young leaves, cool summer, colorful autumn, and white winter.   Thirdly, there are many good places for shopping and eating, like supermarkets, a large shopping mall, and a variety of fine restaurants that serve great food.  Fourthly, Karuizawa is an ideal place to enjoy sporting activities like playing golf and skiing.  Furthermore, Karuizawa is suitable not only for private holidays but also for a variety of purposes.  One example is that many companies have their own recreation facilities for their employees and another is that Karuizawa can host domestic and international conferences.  Attractions are countless.”

I learned a lot about Karuizawa by this interview.  If you wish to know more about Karuizawa, why not visit Karuizawa Chuo Consultant Corporation?  The staff will kindly tell you a lot more.

Beautiful rural area called “Hocchi” with a wonderful view of Mt. Asama in summer.
Kumoba Pond is widely known as an autumn leaves viewing point.  Why not take a walk around the pond?

Staff of Karuizawa Chuo Consultant Corporation. I interviewed with Mr. Kanayama (left).


Outlook of Karuizawa Chuo Consultant Corporation located near Nakakaruizawa Station.


Mt. Asama and Mt. Hanare viewed from Yagasaki Park. The park's lake is mostly frozen in winter.

Name of the facility Karuizawa Chuo Consulting Corporation
Description of business Real estate brokerage, survey, design
Tel 0267-45-8715 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-45-8205 (Japan country code: 81)
Email kanax.jotaro@nifty.com
Address 17-11, Nakakaruizawa, Karuizawa, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano, 389-0112, Japan
Reservations and inquiries Email, fax or telephone
Access Go out of “Nakakaruizawa” Station of Shinano Tetsudo Railway and walk straight on into Route 18.  Walk 150 meters to the direction of Kasatsu, and then you’ll see Karuizawa Chuo Consulting Corporation on your left.
Operating dates and hours Open 8:30-17:30 from Mon to Fri (closed on Sat, Sun and national holidays).  Contact by phone is available 365 days a year.
Rates and other prices Please contact the company.
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Old Town) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). http://karuizawa-kankokyokai.jp/ (Click “English” button.)