Nagano Snow Resort Pass Q&A

Pricing and Period of Validity

May I purchase a pass in advance of the dates that I plan to use it?

No, your pass is valid for two consecutive days from the date of purchase. Please purchase it from the day that you intend to use it.

May I use the pass on April 1 or later?

No, the Nagano Snow Resort Pass is valid only until March 31.

Are there passes for children or the physically handicapped?

The rate for children (6-12 years old) is 2,500 yen. There is no discounted fare for physically handicapped.

What do I do with the pass after my trip is over?

You may keep the pass. However, if you should use it after it has expired, you will be charged a penalty.

Using the Pass

How do I use the pass?

When you enter the bus, pick a boarding ticket (called a “seiriken”) from the dispenser. When you get off, please show your Nagano Snow Resort Pass to the driver with the dates of validity clearly visible. Finally, put your boarding ticket in the fare box.

If I take a bus using a pass, may I stop over en route?

Yes, you can stop over as many times as you would like on the designated lines in the designated areas (however, there are some “board-only” bus stops where you cannot get off).

Designated Bus Lines and Sections

May I ride the Shigakogen line from Yudanaka, Nozawa Onsen, or Iiyama with this pass? May I ride the Kanbayashi line bus with this pass?

No, the only bus towards the Snow Monkey Park covered by the Snow Resort Pass is the Nagano-Shigakogen line bus, and only between Nagano City and the Snow Monkey Park bus stop.

If I ride a bus outside of the designated areas, what should I do?

If you ride a bus outside of the designated areas or outside the designated section of designated lines, you are required to pay a one-way fare for that section.

Refunds, Reissuance

May I get a refund for a pass, or change my travel dates?

This pass is non-refundable and its dates of validity may not be changed, even if buses are cancelled due to the bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if I lose a pass?

Passes cannot be reissued.

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