Yatsugatake Mt. Range

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My village is on the eastern outskirts of this Yatsugatake Mt Range.

We see Yatsugatake everyday.We mention it everyday.

Even when it is cloudy and we cannnot see the mountains,

we say,” Can’t see the mountains today.” !

We calculate the timing of farming by watching the remaining snow of the mountains.

Some people even predict the harvest of the coming season by observing closely the light and shade of the mountains. Maybe he/she knows the mountains better than they know their wife/husband!

Are we proud of  Yatsugatake?

Yes! Why wouldn’t we?

Let me tell you a story .

e794bbe5838f-001-300x2251Long long ago, Yatsugatake Mts used to be a very tall single mountain.

He lived peacefully here.

One day, he heard a high-pitched voice coming from the south.

“I am the tallest mountain inJapan!”

e794bbe5838f-002-300x2251There stood Mt.Fuji with a Goddess-like air.

“W,what?!”  They began arguing and arguing,,,,,,

e794bbe5838f-004-300x2251Until at last, Amitabha Bauddha came out to reconcile. (You know, Amitabha Buddha always comes out of nowhere in legends here.)

e794bbe5838f-005-100x1001He suggested to set a water-pipe on top of their heads, then,he said,” I would myself pour water from the middle of the pipe, let us see which way the water runs.”

And the water ran toward…………MT.FUJI!!  Alas for Fuji-san!

Mt. Fuji got furious, she kicked Mt. Yatsugatake with all her might.

Alas! Yatsugatake was hit hard,came down rumbling and rumbling, until he became lower mountains with many peaks.

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