Unique Wasabi Farm in Summer

August 18th, 2014 by
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I visited the Daio Wasabi Farm in Hotaka, Azumino on August 15th.

It is Japan’s largest genuine wasabi (sometimes called as “Japanese horseradish”) farm and also a popular “sightseeing” spot located between Matsumoto and Hakuba. One reason it is popular among Japanese and also foreigners is that you can stroll around the farm like a park without an admission fee.

The best season to visit there is spring because you can see cute wasabi flowers and there is no covering to protect the wasabi against strong sunlight (see this spring photo).

But in summer, the watery stream with the green of trees and grasses is beautiful and cool. The water is a natural spring, so it is extremely clear. You can take a boat trip to peek at the water and fish through the boat’s transparent bottom.

Wasabi can be grown only in clear and cool water so it matches with the Hotaka area, abundant in natural springs.

Not only the picturesque fields and streams, but also the Wasabi Farm’s unique wasabi culinary delights are popular. Visitors can try wasabi ice-cream (the most popular), wasabi tempura, wasabi soba noodles, wasabi beer, wasabi wine, and so on. This time, I tried wasabi croquette and wasabi juice.

I think the Daio Wasabi Farm is a must-visit place if you visit the Nagano area and like nature and unique agricultural and food culture.

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  1. That looks really cool. I would love to visit a wasabi farm. Hey – one other question. I used to live in Hamamatsu for about 3 years (but came back to the US in ’95). A family that is friends with our family is interested in spending a month or two in Japan next Summer. They don’t really know Japanese, but have strong interests in Go and Aikido. The father in the family is a professor of computer science and came to Matsumoto for a conference at one point, so they were interested in trying to do that next Summer. Do you know of any resources or somebody who could help them out in planning this? In Hamamatsu, there was HICE which had a lot of volunteers that helped tourists or visitors do whatever they were interested in doing there. I think you have my email from this form.


  2. Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for your comment. In Matsumoto, there is an English volunteer guide group ALSA (Alps Language Service Association http://npo-alsa.com/?ml_lang=en). I contacted them and a manager Mr. Akabane repied he would e-mail you directly to ask what your friend family need.

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