Snow Wall and Heavenly Marathon in Norikura

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Snow WallI went to Mt. Norikura to see the snow walls with my family on June 6th.
Norikura Echo Line, which is the highest road in Japan at 2,700m, opens in June every year. I drove to Norikura Kogen and from there I caught a special bus for skiers and climbers and walked down the road for an hour.
The highest snow wall along the road is around 10 meters high and is really an interesting experience. It was as if I were dreaming of walking in a huge refrigerator! 

Heavenly Marathon in Norikura 2008

Heavenly Marathon in Norikura 2008

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is famous for its higher snow walls in April and May. Norikura in June is cheaper (the bus is Y2,400 round trip) and an easier place to experience snow walls.
On next Sunday, June 21, “Heavenly Marathon in Norikura” will be held. It is a marathon event that is getting popular among runners all over Japan since it is a unique summer marathon. Runners run the road between the snow walls up to an altitude of 2,700m halfway up Mt. Norikura.
In Norikura, the snow remains even in August and some skiiers enjoy skiing in May to August.

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  1. How to sign up for the Heavenly Marathon? What is the date when registration for 2016 opens up?

    Arigato gozaimasu!

    John Karavitis

  2. Hello.
    This year, we could register on RUNNET (Japanese only) and the registration started Feb 15. I guess the same method and period next year.

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