‘Snow Monkey Park’ and ‘Yudanaka Spa’

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Snow Monkeys Bathing

Snow Monkeys Bathing

Snow Monkeys Bathing on a Cold Winter Day

Snow Monkey Park is widely known for the scenes monkeys bathing comfortably in an open-air hot spring.
Jigokudani literally means “Hell’s Valley”. There are a lot of hot springs that flow from its rocky bed and also a hot spring fountain. Situated at the foot of Shiga-kogen heights, the winter here is harsh, but the monkeys can escape snow and cold soaking in a bath.

Hot Water Fountain

Hot Water Fountain

Geyser-like Fountain gushing Boiling Water with Volcanic Gasses (Natural Monument of Japan)

Yamanouchi town includes renowned huge hot spring resorts such as Yudanaka and Shibu Spa with a wide selection of hotels and inns and even public baths for day trippers.

It was a venue for skiing and snowboarding events in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

These places are just outside Nagano city. Nagano is only 85 min from Tokyo.

Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey

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