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I visited Shimoguri-no-sato on May 5th.
It is a very unique settlement in the eastern part of Iida city in South Nagano and I had wanted to visit there.

It is situated in a really deep valley and the steepest slope in the village is 38 degrees, so it is even difficult to stay standing up and go up by car. But local people live in houses, plow their fields and plant crops. The deep valley is known as “sun rises from the foot” and “the Japanese Tirol”.

The sights made me think “what is life? what is Earth? even what are human beings?”
Shimoguri-no-sato is a fabulous place and I recommend you to visit there.

For details, see the page of Shimoguri-no-sato in this Go! Nagano site.

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  1. Hello, I read with interest your post on Shimoguri no sato. Can I please find out more about traveling there if we are non Japanese speakers? Are there places – b&bs we can stay in please? Without a car, is it difficult to get around? Are there walks nearby please? Thank you for any information you may have.

  2. Hi,
    I coudn’t fine any English webpage of Shimoguri-no-sato except for the page in this site.

    In Shimoguri-no-sato, there seems to be one lodge and two minshukus (bed & two meals). You can see the photos and prices in this Japanese webpage

    Without a car, take a bus to Toyama-go from Iida 飯田 Station (timetable is to Kamimachi 上町Bus stop along route #152 (takes 65 min). Then, take a taxi (reservation required, takes 10 min) or walk (steep slope, maybe takes 1 hour or more?).

    Good luck!

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