Now’s Your Chance to Smell the Roses!

June 11th, 2010 by
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The Sakaki Chikuma-gawa Rose Garden

The Sakaki Chikuma-gawa Rose Garden

The annual Sakaki Chikuma-gawa Rose Garden festival is on right now, and continues through until Sunday, June 13th.  Now’s your chance to stop by, smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful views!

I had heard from a lot of people about this garden, but only now did I actually get a chance to visit the place.  Located next to the Chikuma River in Sakaki, the garden is a collection of landscaped walking paths built on the side and top of the dike.  There are multiple varieties of roses on display here, and they are not only beautiful but are very well kept.

During the festival, there are also several tents set up with omiyage sellers under them, as well as food and drinks for sale.  I recommend the oyaki and the gyoza!  These were very good!

Roses in the garden

Roses in the garden

Hurry and see them before the blooms are gone!  The garden is free of charge but there is a 200 yen fee for parking.  To get there, take the Shinano Railway to Techno Sakaki Station.  From there, walk along the nearest road heading west to the river.  When you reach the dike road, turn right and head north to the garden.   If you are going by car, take Route 18 to Sakaki.  At the Tamachi Signal, turn toward the bridge but do not cross it.  Instead, immedaitely turn south onto the dike road and head down it until you get to the garden.  There are signs pointing the way.

You can see the location on a map here.

Enjoy the flowers!

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