Nothing like Fresh Bread & Fresh Snow….at 2300m!!

November 24th, 2010 by
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Day started out at Kumanoyu Hotspring by charging up toShibu-ike at 1800m which had half frozen over…
Shibu -ike
My mission was to find a snow shoe course for the coming winter…
possibly here?
Big hoof print
and it was late, there was already enough snow for snow shoeing!!
And check out the size of these hoof prints on the way!!
Animal holes
There were no human prints along the way, but a highway for our furry friends –Duckdeer, rabbits, tanukisnow-monkeys & bears
Trail still visible
after a big climb (for me atleast) of 3.5hrs up to Summit of Mt. Yokote,  it was awesome to have the welcoming party below^-^.
Shigakogen-Yokote is Japan’s highest skifield by around 500m, meaning the 2nd Longest Ski season on Earth…I should have known better and taken ski’s…
Yokote bakery
Husky welcome^-^
Husky greeting
Hot cocoa & specially made bread, the warm fire, furry friends and talk about backcountrygetting lostavalanche & rescue inside with Takaso-san made my little adventure something to remember.
yokote bakery dream bread!!
Yokote Summit Hutt Bakery would have to be my favorite place to stay in Japan.
Fire place !!!
Very spectacular picture
With Yokote views like the one above,
and below (which a guest took)…maybe you can understand?  Great place for cultural exchange, photography, amateur radioskiing & snowboarding
Not my pic , but beautiful!!
Very harsh place to live for the Takaso family,
Welcoming party
but unbeatable snow – the silkiest driest powder I’ve ever seen.
This deep on yokote today
Can you understand the feeling?
Yokote feeling

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