Nagano city in full bloom!

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somei yoshino in Matsushiro castle, Nagano city


Flowers, Flowers!
The height of spring has finally come here in Nagano city, Nagano, Japan!

The cherries are blossoming late this year by a week or two throughout Japan. It was just last week when I saw so many tourists on sightseeing tour buses (featuring sakura blossom viewing) greatly disappointed to find the cherry blossoms still in bud.

In and around the city of Nagano, which is well-known as the host city of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games 1998, almost every kind of spring blossoms and flowers are in all glory. Sakura, or cherry blossoms, apricot, magnolia, dandelion, shepherd’s purse flower all come into bloom!

Matsushiro-castle in Nagano city, Nagano, Japan


the gate of Matsushiro castle

Founded by a renownedfeudal lord, TAKEDA Shingen, around 1560 as he fought  fierce battleswith UESUGI Kenshin for control of the northern Nagano area. After Shingen’s death, lordship of the castle changed hands several times until 1622 when SANADA Nobuyuki was transferredfrom Ueda castle by the Tokugawa shogunate. The castle buildings were dismantled during the Meiji restoration as most of other castles in Japan. The gates and walls you see today have been renovated or reconstructed faithfully based on the old records.


Tenkyu-ji temple in Matsushiro, Nagano city

Across the Chikuma (the longest river in Japan) is located Tenkyu-ji temple. It is a small temple where the soul and ashes of Shingen’s faithful younger brother, TAKEDA Tenkyu Nobushige, reposes.
statue of huge Enma (Yama; the King of Hell)

Nobushige sleeps here

Long-awaited Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, will take place this weekend, I bet!!

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  1. Japan is an incredibly beautiful country, both physically and culturally. I’ve been to Japan three times already, each time to run a marathon. February 2014 I ran the Tokyo Marathon. November 2014 I ran the Ibigawa Marathon. November 2015 I ran the Ibigawa Marathon again.

    I will have to see what marathons are held in Nagano. What a beautiful area!

    John V. Karavitis
    Chicago, IL

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