Mt. Shirane in Shigakogen Heights

May 27th, 2009 by
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090511_145100011I went  yesterday to Shiga Kogen Heights and walked on the top of not active volcano – Mt. Shirane.
It takes around 20min to climb the mount from Parking place. Entrance fee is included in the Parking fee 420yen/car.
It’s good exercise and after you get sweat a bit, the beauty is just right infront of you.
Volcano is full of beautiful light blue/white onsen.  You can take incredible pictures of  the volcano and view of the Shiga
Kogen mountains around.

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  1. I have been there some 30 yrs ago on a school trip.On top of the mt. when we were peeking to the mysterious colored lake, a teacher told us that the water is very thick in acid,that if something falls in the lake, it would all melt.I wonder if it’s true, but it was so scary I still remember.

  2. I was told the water temperature is aprox. 20-25 *C and I can not get very close to the wather, bcs there is lot of gas coming from the lake, which is not good for the health and body. You can not smell it, but just suddenly collapse. So Mt. Shirane lake is beautiful, but dangerouse from the other site. I definitely do not recommed to anybody to bath there 🙂 or get closer than its permited.

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