Lake Nojiri(ko) in the Summer

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While Nagano is one of the few prefectures in Japan that lack ocean access, Lake Nojiri (or Nojiri-ko) in Shinano-machi offers respite from the hot and humid summer days.

Although it is the 2nd largest lake in the prefecture after Lake Suwa, this glacial lake has the most volume of water. Nojiriko gained popularity as the Christian missionaries vacationing in Karuizawa were looking for a new place to escape the heat from the Japanese summer. Fossil remains of the Neumann elephant have been found as well.

 Summer marine sports are abundant here: pleasure cruises, paddle boats (shaped like ducks) and row-bows are just some of the options for summer fun. It is a popular spot for fishing too. A swimming area is accessible by boat.


Car: IC Shinano-machi Exit off of the Joshin-etsu Expressway.

Or Route 18: to Shinano-machi to Nojiriko bypass to Nojiriko

 Train: JR Kurohime Station on the Shin-etsu Line. Approx. 10 minute taxi  ride.

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