Is Spring Really Coming Earlier than Usual?

March 27th, 2009 by
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chilly day

chilly day

It has been chilly these past few days.

It even snowed here in Kawakami village yesterday, fluffy snow at that!

Honestly, we farmers here have quite mixed feelings toward the coming of Spring. As living creatures like any others, we naturally are delighted to have Spring come.

Yet whenever we greet each other these days, the common phrases are like;

” Darn, Spring has come!”, ” The labor days have come this year, too!”

So these chilly days make us somewhat relieved. Few more days to idle around the Kotatsu, you know.

The Sakura Front

early cherry blossoms in Tokyo last week

early cherry blossoms in Tokyo last week

On the other hand, it was officially announced that the first cherry blossoms in Nagano pref. bloomed on 24th March in Iida region.

It happened to be the same day as the announced first day in Tokyo.

cherry blossom buds in Tokyo last week

cherry blossom buds in Tokyo last week

I admit we Japanese are crazy about cherry blossoms’ blooming.

My son ,who will be a college freshman this April, is lamenting over the too early likely coming of Spring. He wants the cherry blossom petals storming over his head on the starting day of the college.

Now the TV news informs us everyday on “the Cherry Blossoms Front”,

saying it is climbing northwards earlier than usual.

So it is likely that cherry blossoms will be well over their full bloom in the early April, at least in Tokyo.

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  2. Mariko, we got quite a bit of snow in Chikuma City this morning. So much for an early blossom season…

    I updated my original post on this subject.

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