Heavenly Trekking and Wildflowers in Hakuba

July 4th, 2012 by
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I was recently treated to a trekking tour of Hakuba Village’s Mt. Happoone.  First I stopped at one of the Happoone Onsen bathhouses in Hakuba Village’s Happoone district. One gondola and two ski lift rides later, I was at 1830-meter Happo-Ike Sanso (Happo Pond Mountain Hut).

Trekking to the peaks on Happoone Ridge

After a strenuous 1-hour hike I from the mountain hut, I reached the legendary Happo Pond. At 2060 meters, Happo Pond literally feels like it is in the heavens. Surrounded by 3,000-meter peaks on one side, and panoramic views of the Hakuba basin and beyond on the other, with alpine wildflowers scattered around at your feet, Happo Pond makes for a blissful experience. Here you can really feel the power and breadth of nature.

Hakuba Range Peeking Through the Clouds

The day I went the pond was still covered with snow, and the Hakuba Mountain Range was playing hide-and-go-seek behind some clouds. But I got peak-a-boo views of the massive Hakuba mountains on the way, and could certainly get a sense of the grandeur Happo Pond must offer when its snow covering is gone and the majestic mountains are reflected in its surface.

Alpine wildflowers on Happoone Ridge with the Hakuba Range in the background

Hakuba is a convenient 1 hour bus ride from Nagano City. With the guilt-enducingly easy 20 minute ride on the gondola and ski lifts, you too can be in alpine heaven.

After trekking Happoone Ridge, I came back down to the Happo district of central Hakuba for lunch. I was treated to a hearty meal at “Ohyokkuri“. Udon noodles cooked in onsen water and a thick stew known here as ohyokkuri (the namesake of the restaurant) filled me up after that strenuous trekking.

Happoone soul food at Ohyokkuri

More on Hakuba’s Happoone area here.

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  1. Mr Tyler Lynch,

    Thank you kindly for your heartfelt written blog!
    Sejima San and I thoroughly enjoyed your company and it was a real treat to introduce you to the spectacular scenery, natural beauty and make possible the opportunity to feel what the Hakuba Heavens are like! Hope to see you and your family here next time.



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