Hanamomo peach blossoms in Achi village

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“Hanamomo Kaido(road)” is well-known for its beautiful “hanamomo” or ornamental peach blossoms. In the southern part of Nagano prefecture,  ranging from Iida city in Ina valley to Nagiso village in Kiso valley, there are thousands of  well-cared hanamomo trees.

They are usually at their best from April through early May, almost for a month. This year, because of the unseasonal cold weather in April, the best season started late April.

Hanamomo peach in Hirugami onsen-kyo


The photo above is taken in Hirugami onsen-kyo. It is a relatively new hot spa resort, the source of its hot water happened to be discovered  in the trial boring to construct a national railroad through  a huge mountain in 1973.

It would be fun if you spend some time on the riverbed of the Achi-gawa.

people enjoying themselves by the Achi (Achi-gawa)


The following is the hanamomo peach blossoms in area named Tsukikawa. You will be greeted by blossoms in crimson, pure white, rose pink , and most impressively, white blossoms tinged with pink. There are several paths lined with two thousand hanamomo trees in total, on which you can walk comfortably.

Hanamomo peach paths in Tsukikawa area, Achi


6 Responses to “Hanamomo peach blossoms in Achi village

  1. Dear Haru,

    May I ask again if on April 17th we are able to see both Cherry & Peach Blossom? Many thanks!


  2. Hi,
    We won’t arrive until May 2, we plan to visit Nanohana at Iiyama. Will we be able to see Peach Blossom as well?


  3. Dear Kenneth,
    Sorry about my late reply; I have been away for several days.
    I asked the Hirugami Tourist Info Center. According to them,
    Hanamomo season will be during the latter half of April in Tsukikawa onsen area. On the 17th, its is likely that Hanamomo is starting to bloom, but cherry blossoms will have already fallen. I hope this helps.

  4. Albi, Sorry about my late reply; I have been away for several days.
    I asked the Iiyama Tourist Info Center. According to them,
    After May 2nd this year, you will be able to see Nanohana in Iiyama area, but there are no famous peach blossom spots in Iiyama. The following are the link pages of major spots.
    Hope this helps.

    ・Nanohana park : Late April~Early May *Nanohana Festival 5/3-5

    ・Hkuryuko area:Early May

    ・Areas around Amidado Late April-Early May

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