Gokaicho at Zenkoji Temple

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The second day of the Gokaicho

Last Monday (The second day of the Gokaicho)

People cue up to wait for their turns to touch the pillar
People cue up to wait for their turns to touch the pillar, ‘Eko-Bashira’, after it was unveiled.

Now Nagano is in a bustle having people from all over Japan — the Grand Ceremony called ‘Go-kaicho’ has started here at the historic Buddhist temple ‘Zenko-ji.’ It held an opening ceremony last Sunday, April 5th and ends on May 31st. More than 6 million people are expected to visit here during the two months.

Eko-bashira is being unvailed in a rain
The white cloth wrapping the pillar is being removed in a rain
One of the highlights of this ceremony would be seeing in person the replica of the main image (completely hidden).  The statue is called ‘Maedachi-Honzon and is only revealed to public ( and even the priests of Zenkoji) for nearly 2 months once every 6 years. .

Another highlight would be receiving seals on your head, ‘Go-Inmon-Chodai’. Those seals are believed to be left in this world by the main image of Zenkoji when he hid himself completely from the public. You will be able to tie a close bond with the image and be certified to be saved in the other world.

Touching the wooden pillar in front of the main hall would be also good. It is called ‘Eko-Bashira’ and is connected with a strings, a cord and a white cloth directly to the middle finger of the right hand of Maedachi- Honzon. It is said it has the same property as you shake hands with the image.

Now i am pretty busy accomodating the visitors and also preparing for the tour I am supposed to guide in Kiso Valley (I will write about there too), but will try to keep updating info for you.

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