Chikuma City’s Funkiest Bridge

February 19th, 2009 by
Category: Sightseeing

Getting Wider, and Wider, and Wider, and ....

A relative of ours that’s here in the construction industry once told me that one of the things they have the most pride in building is a bridge.
But one of the things that’s difficult about bridge building is the river doesn’t always stay put. So what happens when the river you built a bridge over shifts its channel? You extend the bridge to cover the river’s new position. And if the river changes again? You extend the bridge again? And another change? Another extension.
Another tricky thing about bridge building is government building code tend to change, especially regarding the required width of the bridge. A long time ago, when there were few cars on the road, you could get away with a one-lane bridge. But as the years go by, the minimum width restrictions get increasingly wider.
So that’s why.
(Why what, you ask?)
Oh, I neglected to mention that this picture is of Kamuriki Bridge, just downriver from Togura Kamiyamada Onsen. This is the west end of the bridge, where it is a 1-lane deal. As you cross the bridge, the width changes. 4 times
If you want to experience a bridge that changes width 4 times, you’d better hurry. Nagano Prefecture is building a replacement for this inconvenient (?) bridge next to the existing one.
That means we’re losing another funky bridge from the world.

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