Blue skies

August 30th, 2009 by
Category: Sightseeing

ontakepicnic-0201Last week my wife and I went for a picnic to Otaki’s ski hill, Ontake 2240,located on southeastern flank of Ontake-san. The  “2240”  in the name refers to the elevation at the top of the ski hill.  This elevation is accessible by car, which is a rarity in Japan.   At this height, the views of the north, central, and south alps are incredible.

Now that we’re exiting summer and on our way to fall the weather is stable and so there are plenty of blue skies.

Come on down to Kiso and enjoy!!


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  1. Hi, Maximo Eisenstadt
    Blogger Eric who wrote this article and provided the photo is “(Inactive)”, which means he went back to his country and is no longer a blogger.
    I am sorry that you can’t use the photo.

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