Another Apricot Season Comes to a Close

April 13th, 2009 by
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Photographers lined up to get that last good shot of the apricots, 2009

Photographers lined up to get that last good shot of the apricots, 2009

Well, it happens every year.  Just as there is a rolling wave of cherry blossom viewing from southern Japan to the north, there is a much shorter wave of apricot blossoms in Mori, Anzu no Sato.  Every year, the apricot blossoms at the lower elevations near the entrance of the valley bloom earliest, with those at the top of the valley showing their flowers last.

I just went up there and, aside from the trees at the highest point of the valley up by Daikoji temple, all the blossoms are fallen off, and leaves are starting to spout. in their place.  If you are planning on going up to Anzu no Sato this week, you might get lucky and see some apricot blossoms further up the mountain, but the season is pretty much over this year.

But when the Apricots blossoms are gone, the cherry blossoms are in full glory.  There is a small buddhist temple in Mori named Kanryu-ji, that is surrounded by some beautiful cherry trees which are now in full bloom.  This temple is a hidden delight to foreign visitors, because it features a thatched roof — something that becomes more and more rare to see in Japan every year.

But getting there is a bit of a challenge.  Ask around and people will point the way up the hill.  And once you are there, you’ll find a long, steep stairway to climb up.  Be prepared for some exercise!

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