A Togakushi Father’s Day

June 22nd, 2009 by
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A special Congratulations to all of you Dads out there on this Father’s Day. I hope all of you spent a fun day with your families. We sure did here at the Lynch household — we went for a drive up to Togakushi.
Our Togakushi trips tend to follow this formula:

delicious soba noodles at Yamaguchi-ya,


ninja fun at the Ninja Center,


and feeling the power of mother nature among the massive, ancient cedar trees lining the path to Okusha Shrine.

This time, however, we immersed ourselves a little further into the Togakushi experience (a bit too literally at one point). After ooh-ing and aah-ing at the Okusha cedar trees, we decided to check out the Nature Reserve next to it. We had never been into the actual reserve before. The path towards Okusha isn’t exactly crowded with people, but it was amazing that just leaving the path and entering the reserve brought us to a world of lush greenery and intense stillness. Only the sound of the wind through the leaves and the birds chirping could be heard. The quietness of the woods and marshes was powerful. Once again, we were amazed by Togakushi and became even bigger fans of Nagano.

After stopping for icecream, we drove over to Kagami-ike (Mirror Pond) to watch the sun set over Togakushi Mountain. Togakushi and its western peak seemed like they were playfully streaming their fingers through the high clouds that were drifting by. The scene was beautifully reflected in the lake surface.


My wife and I were just thinking how romantic of a setting it was, when all of the sudden, Splash! Our #2 son, Kenny, had fallen into the pond.
Maybe we should have stopped after the first child. Just kidding!
After that little “happening”, we took bare-bottomed Kenny (who would have thought we’d need an extra pair of pants for an elementary school kid!) and the other kids for a real-life, hard-core Togakushi Ninja training. I will write more about that a later time, but let’s just suffice it to say that it was the real thing, and my entire body is in pain as a result.

Thanks to Togakushi, this was one of the best Father’s Days ever!

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  1.  Poor little Kenny! Could he enjoy the Ninja training without his pants? I am amazed at your family’s energy to go there even after the sun set! 

  2. hi there! we are planning our trip to nagano in august, can you please help me? how do we get from
    hakuba to togakushi? kind of unfamliar, we’re coming from honolulu

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