Farm Stay Mother Earth

Southern Nagano Area 農家民泊マザーアース


Comfortable annex cottage at an organic farm. Why don't you experience a real country life of Japan? Try fresh vegetables straight from the garden. No problem with communication in English.


Simple and quiet environment.
Japanese-style wooden-made-cottage which has a 8-tatami-mat room, a washing basin with a small fridge, a compost toilet, and a big terrace.
You can stay there all on your own as we accept only 1 group a day.





Regional Name

Ina City, which has Takato Castle Site, Bunkui Pass (Valley of KI), and others.


Tel: 0265-74-0561 / Fax: 0265-74-0561

Area Attractions

Kanten Papa Garden, Takato Castle Site, Bunkui Pass (Valley of KI), Miharashi-no-yu Spa, Tyusenji Temple, Farmers Market Green Farm, Mt. Gongen, Komagane Kogen, Mt. Komagatake, Hayataro Spa


Japanese: 1

The guest cottage has a 8-mat-tatami room, a washing basin with a fridge, a compost toilet, and a big terrace. The kitchen and shower room are in a main cottage, and they are common use.

Check-in / Check-out

15:30 / 10:00

Accommodation Rates

4,000 yen - 5,000 yen (Unit, Room Charge, Sales Tax Included)

Prices and Meal Plans

If you are interested in Japanese cooking, this is just the place.
We can cook together, using the vegetables straight from the garden.
If you have special eating habit like vegetarian, or whatever, there's no problem.
You can choose your own food and cook yourself according the habit.
We help you as much as we can.
If you're interested in Onsen (hot spring), but have no chance to try, here we are.
We take you to Onsen and actually show you how to use the public bath.
If you are animal lovers, this is an ideal spot.
We have a Shiba-dog, two goats, and two cats.
Each pet is friendly in its own way, and behaves well all in all.

Credit Cards



Japanese, Western, Breakfast is toast of home-made bread, omelet with salad, and tea or coffee. Dinner varies every day. Guests are supposed to cook on their own, or help with the kitchen work.

We use vegetables grown organically in our garden. When we buy other food, we choose one which is grown or made locally.


  • Non-Smoking Rooms Available
  • Internet Connectivity Available in Guest Rooms
  • Special Needs Meals (Caloric, Amount, Ingredients) Provided
  • Vegetarian Meals Available
  • Accommodation w/o Meals or Room Charge Available
  • Accommodation w/o Dinner or B&B Style Available
  • Private Accommodation for Single Travelers Provided (Please Inquire)

Location / Access

4782-4, Nishiharuchika, Ina City

By Train:
Take the pass at the right side of bakery, and go up the hill. Then you'll be at the junction of 3 roads. Take the narrowest one which leads to a shiine. After passing it, a few min walk will take you to my place; from Sawando Station (JR Iida Line)
By Car:
Turn right at the light, Ina Inter Iriguchi. Go along R476, and turn left at the 2nd light, Ogaya. Go straight the road (Koiki-nodo) 20 min, and you'll be at Kanten Papa Garden, where we meet; from Ina IC
Go down the road toward the east. Turn left at the traffic light, Kitabara. Go along the road (Koiki-nodo) for 15 min. After passing through the light, Kiurahara, you'll be at Kanten Papa Garden, where we can meet; from Komagane IC
Pick-Up Service:
Going up the hill with your luggage is hard. Please let me know your time and place of arrival (Sawando Bus Stop or Sawando Sta) in advance. We'll come to pick you up.

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