Takato Castle Site

Southern Nagano Area 高遠城址公園


A castle town with a 700 year history, Takato's Castle Remains Park features lots of natural beauty: cherry blossoms in the spring, pretty fresh green leaves in early summer, and the fall colors of more than 250 maple trees. There are onsens nearby and lots of activities to enjoy. The Castle Park's cherry blossoms are a unique variety and are known throughout Japan. More than 400,000 people come to see the over 1500 trees, some over 130 years old. The distinctive reddish tinted small petals are considered the best cherry blossoms in the whole country. The park also has enchanting views of the Japanese Alps.


Ina city tourism association, Takato branch
Tel: 0265-94-2557 / Fax: 0265-94-3697
E-mail: t-kkk@inacity.jp


Takato Jyoushi Park Cherry Blossom Festival: April to May / Takato Jyoushi Park Autumn Festival: Beginning to 2nd week of November


Adult (only during the festival) : 500 yen

Child (only during the festival) : 250 yen

Seasonal Info

Cherry blossoms: mid-April - late-April

Location / Access

Takatomachi Higashi Takato, Ina City

By Train:
25 min bus ride from Inashi City Station (JR Iida Line)
-> 15 min on foot
By Car:
12 km / 30 min from Ina IC
31 km / 50 min from Suwa IC

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