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Japanese archery, called Kyudo, is one of many traditional martial arts still practiced today. While not as famous as Judo, Karate or Kendo, Kyudo is an elegant mix of sport and meditation that requires intense concentration.

Because traditional Japanese bows have no sights, students of Kyudo must focus on their bodies’ stance to hit their marks. In addition to the art of firing the bow itself, they must learn how to move and conduct themselves appropriately in the dojo. Archers draw their bows and notch arrows in turn, waiting patiently for the previous archer to shoot before shooting themselves. When an archer hits their mark, everyone shouts, “Sei!”

While mastering the art of archery takes many years, you can fire a bow yourself in just an hour or two with instruction from a kyudo teacher. Visit one of the dojos below to enjoy an authentic Japanese experience!

Uotoshi Ryokan

This ryokan in the town of Yamanouchi is close to several natural hot springs and has its own archery dojo. The owner is an archer himself and can explain the history and techniques of archery in English. Lessons are available to hotel guests only. Contact Uotoshi Ryokan for more information.

Tel: 0269-33-1215
Email: miyasaka@avis.ne.jp
2563, Sano, Yamanouchi-Town, Shimo-takai-gun, Nagano Prefecture 381-0402 JAPAN

Matsushiro Samurai School

Try your hand at archery in Matsushiro’s Samurai school, established by the 9th leader of the Matsushiro clan in 1853. Take in the traditional atmosphere while learning how to shoot and fire a Japanese bamboo bow. Lessons are available for 2 to 10 people, and reservations must be made at least one week in advance. See here for more about archery and Matsushiro’s sightseeing spots.

Due to construction, archery lessons here will not be available from mid-June 2017 until 2019 or 2020.

Mid-April to mid-November
30 minutes to an hour between the times of 10:00~12:00 or 13:00~15:00.
300 yen
Go! Nagano Matsushiro Samurai School page
205-1, Matsushiro, Nagano City

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