Fruit Picking

Various Locations 果物狩り


Winter through spring is strawberry picking season in Nagano. The berries are grown hydroponically in green houses, where you pay an entrance fee and then it’s all-you-can-eat. Strawberries for taking home are available for purchase.

Apricot picking is available in some areas in June, and blueberry picking in early summer. Then in autumn comes one of Nagano’s favorite pastimes: apple picking. Nothing can beat an apple just picked off a tree and eaten right there in the orchard.

Winter, spring, summer and fall, fruit picking can be enjoyed all year round. Some farms provide baby stroller and wheelchair access.

Besides picking fruit, some farms offer a wide range of experiences, from planting to harvesting and even processing of soybeans, soba and other crops. In addition, classes are available for making soba, trying a weaving loom, making bamboo taketonbo toys, baking bread, creating oyaki dumplings or even making tofu. (Japanese only)

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Various Locations

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