Japanese Confectioneries

Various Locations 和菓子


Throughout the prefecture there are confectionery shops that are particular about the ingredients and traditional methods they use.
Known as "Little Kyoto", Southern Nagano especially carries on the traditions of making tea sweets and cakes. With carefully made colorful shapes of seasonal flowers and using old-fashioned ingredients, their sweets are a treat for the eyes as well as the mouth.
Matsumoto, a classic castle town, has a cottage industry of confectionery making that developed around the comings and goings of the merchants to the castle. Matsumoto's low humidity and abundant springwater make it perfectly suitable to producing Japanese traditional "wagashi" confectioneries. From feudal times, sweet cakes with adzuki beans and other fillings have been made by confectionery shops here. Many of the shops have been running for multiple generations, developing a devoted following over the years.


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