Nagano Fruits

Various Locations 信州のフルーツ


Nagano City’s Kawanakajima district was the site of a series of famous samurai battles. Today it is also known as a producer of sweet, juicy peaches. The new “Natsukko” variety features a hefty size and a robust, juicy sweetness.
The prefecture is a major producer of nectarines, popular for their crispy tartness.
The relatively arid banks of the Chikuma River are suitable to growing the large purple Koho grapes, making Nagano Japan’s number one producer. The new seedless “Nagano Purple” variety with its edible skin is attracting attention for its sweetness.
Kikyo-ga-hara in Shiojiri City is renowned for the high quality of its wine grapes used by several area wineries.


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Various Locations

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