Soba Buckwheat Noodles

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Nagano is synonymous with Soba noodles. Its highlands are perfectly suited for growing buckwheat which is then ground and mixed with fresh, clean water from Nagano’s many mountains, and tastes oh, so good served in the crisp, clean air. Togakushi and Kaita are just two of the more famous growing areas and in shops and households throughout the prefecture people put their own personal styles into “soba-uchi”, making the noodles. Kaita Kogen Highland has historically been home to one of the largest numbers of soba fields in the prefecture. Their pretty little white blossoms in August create a beautiful contrast to the bluish backdrop of Ontake-san Mountain. In addition to seeing the soba fields and eating hand-made soba, trying your hand at soba-uchi is also highly recommended.


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