Cycling in Azumino (Tours & Rentals)

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 安曇野でサイクリング (ツアー & レンタル)


Venture through the Japanese countryside along an easy to follow course outlined to bring you to the best local spots. Suggested routes take you past sprawling rice fields to wasabi farms, a hot spring foot bath, winery, temple, park, and more. You can customize your route to meet your schedule and interests! Awaiting you are great look out points and water so clear it was included in scenes of a Japanese drama. E-bike rentals are available in front of Hotaka Station and are recommended for those looking for a more leisurely journey. Mountain bikes and regular road bikes are also available.


W-asobi (Guided Cycling Tour)
Reservation: WEB or E-mail

Shinano-an (Rentals)
Reservation: WEB or TEL
Tel: 0263-82-3730

Hitsujiya (Rentals)
Reservation: WEB or TEL
Tel: 0263-82-3888


April - Nov


Guided Cycling Tour : 7,500 yen

Shinano-an - 1 hour regular bike rental (other durations available) : 200 yen

Hitsujiya - 1 hour regular bike rental (other durations available) : 300 yen

Location / Access

Hotaka Station / Shinano Matsukawa Station, Azumino City

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