Nezame-no-toko Gorge

Kiso River Valley Area 寝覚の床


Nezame-no-toko literally means "wake-up bed". It is a bed of rocks at an enchanting location along the Kiso River. The gorge is in a nationally designated scenic spot, known for its fascinating rock formations and the beautiful emerald green color of the river. In autumn (late October through early November), the reflection of the fall colors of the leaves is a sight to behold. There is a lovely stroll through Bijutsu (Art) Park, as well as wonderful views of the area from the train window on the JR Chuo Line. According to legend, Japan’s Rip Van Winkle, Urashima Taro, awoke from his 300 years sleep here on the rocks of Nezame-no-toko.


Agematsu Town Tourism Association
Tel: 0264-52-2001 / Fax: 0264-52-1038


Nezame-no-Toko Hoba Festival: mid-June

Seasonal Info

Cherry blossoms: late-April -

Location / Access

Nezame, Agematsu Town

By Train:
5 min bus or taxi ride from Agematsu Station (JR Chuo Line) (or 25 min on foot)
By Car:
53 km / 60 min from Shiojiri IC
51 km / 60 min from Nakatsugawa IC

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