Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest and Logging Railroad

Kiso River Valley Area 赤沢自然休養林と森林鉄道


Among Kiso’s 300-year old hinoki Japanese cypress tree groves is the Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest, where strolling one of the 8 walking courses in the old growth forest is considered to have medicinal effects. Verdant new growth in the summer and the fall foliage in autumn are treats for the eyes. The Akasawa forest is considered one of Japan’s Three Most Beautiful Forests and was selected by the Environment Ministry to its list of One Hundred Most Fragrant Scenic Areas. On weekends and holidays during its operating season, a classic excursion train is run on an old logging railroad.

Seasonal Calendar

Fresh Greenery: Mid to Late May
Oyama Renge Magnolia trees: Mid-June
Akayashio Azaleas: Late April to Early May
Autumn Foliage: Mid to Late October


Agematsu Town Tourism Association
Tel: 0264-52-2001 / Fax: 0264-52-1038
E-mail: hinoki@avis.ne.jp


Late-Apr to early-Nov
(Tom Sauyer Club Village Kiso/Agematsu: mid-Aug to late-Aug; Walking in Akasawa: late-June; Akasawa Shinrinyoku (forest therapy): late-May & early-Oct)


9:00 - 16:00


Logging Train, JHS - adult : 800 yen

4 yrs - ES : 500 yen

Walking in Akasawa : 500 yen

Akasawa Forest Therapy (up to 100 people) : 3,000 yen

Location / Access

Ogawairi National Forest, Agematsu Town

By Train:
30 min Akasawa line bus from Agematsu Station (JR Chuo Line) or a 25 min. taxi ride
By Car:
65 km / 90 min from Shiojiri IC
65 km / 90 min from Nakatsugawa IC

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