Kiso Lacquer Ware Making (Kiso Kurashi no Kougeikan)

Kiso River Valley Area 漆器作り(木曽くらしの工芸館)


Kiso Urushi (Lacquer Ware) is an officially recognized traditional craft in Japan. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy making a coaster or chopsticks using traditional lacquer ware techniques. Besides learning how lacquer is applied, the center has descriptive displays and video presentations showing the history of lacquer in the Kiso Valley region.


Kiso Kurashi no Kougeikan (Please make reservations minimum 2 weeks in advance.)
Tel: 0264-34-3888 / Fax: 0264-34-2832


Available thoughout the year.


9:00-17:00 (Allow 1-2 hours for the lacquer ware lesson.)


700-3,000 yen

Location / Access

Kiso Hirasawa 2272-7, Kiso Town

By Train:
20 min walk from Kiso Hirasawa Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
25 km / 30 min from Shiojiri IC
80 km / 90 min from Nakatsugawa IC

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