Tenryu-kyo Valley (River Rafting Tour)

Southern Nagano Area 天竜峡


Tenryu-kyo is a fascinatingly beautiful valley located in a national park along the Tenryu River. The river originates at Suwa Lake and flows out to the Pacific Ocean, carving this picturesque canyon along the way. Weather-eroded rock formations and dynamic cliff faces add to the valley’s attraction. One of the more popular ways to enjoy the valley is on a river rafting tour. Some tours feature a fishing demonstration with any fish caught cooked right there on the boat for the guests.


Tenryu-kyo Onsen Tourism association
Tel: 0265-27-2946 / Fax: 0265-27-2946
E-mail: info@tenryukyou.com

Location / Access

Kawaji, Iida City

By Train:
1 min walk from Tenryukyo Station (JR Iida Line)
By Car:
3 min from Tenryukyo IC

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