Southern Nagano's Singular Cherry Trees

Southern Nagano Area 南信州の一本桜


Southern Nagano, centered on Iida City, has approximately 70 noble cherry trees over 300 years old. Thanks to the area being spread out quite far from south to north, the Cherry Blossom Viewing Season lasts for a whole month. The people here actively preserve their distinguished trees and offer tours in an effort to make their beauty known as widely as possible. They have a unique way of enjoying the cherry blossoms -- slowly viewing one single tree's blossoms at a time, and encourage visitors to do the same.


Iida Tourism Association (Iida City)
Tel: 0265-22-4851 / Fax: 0265-22-4567


Please enquire ahead of time for specific blooming periods.


Guide for 2 hours : 2,000 yen

Extention : 1,000 yen

Seasonal Info

Cherry blossoms: early-April - late-April

Location / Access

Iida City

By Train:
Get off at Iida Station (JR Iida Line) -> walk or take a taxi
By Car:
Iida IC

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