Shimoguri no sato

Southern Nagano Area 下栗の里


Shimoguri no sato is a secluded valley practically enclosed on all sides by tall mountains and is known as one of Japan's three most "hidden" valleys. The spectacular views of the Southern Alps have also given it a nickname of the Tirol (Austria) of Japan. Its isolation here at the southern tip of Nagano Prefecture, on the borders with Aichi and Shizuoka Prefectures, has meant modern developed has mostly passed it by, thereby preserving a genuine old-fashioned atmosphere. Here the people live in close relationship with the land, and have developed unique farming methods to deal with the steep 30-degree mountain side slopes. This isn't an artificially created tourist attraction -- these are down-to-earth people living a simple life from a time gone by, something that can be heart-warming to see.


Tohyamago Tourism Association
Tel: 0260-34-1071

Location / Access

Shimoguri, Iida City

By Train:
bus and taxi ride from Iida Station (JR Iida Line)
Take a bus for Toyamago, get off at Kamimachi, then go to Shimoguri-no-sato by taxi (reservation is recommended)
By Car:
80 min from Iida IC

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