Tekkosen Honkan

Suwa Area 鉄鉱泉本館


Guests can not only experience the luxury of hot springs, beautiful nature, local shrines of Shimo Suwa, but the rich history cultivated by the locals with festival delights that touches your heart by the real Japanese warmth and kindness.


Shimo Suwa is the town around the head shrine of Suwa Taisha-Akimiya which has over 25,000 related branch shrines. This town is also famous for thriving as only one hot spring town of 69 stages on the Nakasendo(Edo-Tokyo Walk way in Edo-Period Japan).
Tekkosen Honkan is located at the middle of Shimo Suwa town which has more than 110 years of history since opening.
Guest can see the sophisticated construction works done by Japanese traditional shrine carpenters.
During the Edo-period, the abundance of the hot spring water source was selected as the top 3 in its hot spring water quality.
We serve a variety of traditional Japanese cuisines using local harvested ingredients, which can be a truly enjoyed by the company of our locally brewed sake.





Regional Name



Tekkosen Honkan
Tel: 0266-27-8063
E-mail: yokonag8063@yahoo.co.jp

Area Attractions

Suwa Taisha Shrine / Foot baths at various places in Shimo Suwa Town / 9 public baths in town / Yashima Marsh / Mt. Kirigamine / Kurumayama Highlands


Japanese: 9

Check-in / Check-out

15:00 / 10:00

Accommodation Rates

7,700 yen - 24,840 yen (Per Adult Per Night, w/Breakfast, Service Fee Included, Sales Tax Included, Onsen Tax Additional)

Prices and Meal Plans

We provide traditional dinner & breakfast plan, breakfast only plan and also not forgetting accommodation only plan as well. Just let us know your requests, we have various kinds of flexibility.

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Traditional cuisines which comprise of fresh local fruits and vegetables, river fishes, horse meat, miso and Japanese sake, etc.

Natural Hot Spring

Shimosuwa Onsen


Common Bath
Shimo Suwa Hot Spring
This hot spring has been chosen as top 3 hot spring water quality during Edo period. Spring quality is alkaline which is also known as “Beauty Skin Spring Water”.


  • Dinner Provided in Guest Room
  • Dinner Provided in Private Room
  • Accommodation w/o Meals or Room Charge Available
  • Accommodation w/o Dinner or B&B Style Available
  • Private Accommodation for Single Travelers Provided

Location / Access

3437, Shimosuwa Town

By Train:
3 to 5 minutes by taxi which costs around 900 JPY from Shimosuwa Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
It takes around 15 minutes by taking route 20 to the direction of “Kami Suwa”. Pass through “Taisha-Dori Yotsukado(Taisha-Street crossroads) and take left in front of “Suwa Taisha-Akimiya” from Okaya IC
It takes around 25 minutes by taking route 20 to the direction of Okaya. Turn right at “Taisha-Dori Yotsukado(Taisha-Street crossroads) and take left in front of “Suwa Taisha-Akimiya” from Suwa IC

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